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I know a decent amount about ML and AI safety, have a working knowledge of various philosophy bits and bobs, and consider myself a good to very good writer. I'd be interested in potentially collaborating with someone on this. 

What do you dislike about the LW style? Can you provide more specifics? There's a big range of authors that have been publishing on LW for several years now. 

Personally, I've experienced some negative motivational and emotional effects. It is interesting: viscerally taking AI risk more seriously has effected my motivation; in the last couple of days I've come to suspect that this is because my system 1 doesn't believe my plans are likely to be effective. (Possible confounder: I think I'm experiencing a bit of seasonal depression, and some other personal stressors might be at play) 

More practically, I'm somewhat less uptight about having a very high savings rate. I used to shoot for 70%, now I'm happy with 30 - 50% -- this is mostly because I think in worlds where TAI happens in <=10 yrs, it's hard to imagine that my savings rate really matters, and I now have nontrivial credence in <=10 yrs. 

I think I eat slightly less carefully than I used to (still quite carefully, tho).