Join us this April 15th for a panel discussion, keynote address by the founder of the Montreal AI Ethics Institute, and networking mixer on the governance of AI Systems in the Canadian context, held by EA Carleton and EA Canada. 

The Canadian federal government is currently debating language that will govern and regulate High Impact AI systems. We've organized this one day event to bring academics, policy, legal, technical, AI Ethics and longtermist concerns together for dialogue. 

Our panelists are:

Dr. Graeme Auld & Benjamin Faveri, authors of “Governing AI through ethical standards”. 

Abhishek Gupta, founder of the Montreal AI Ethics Institute.  

Wyatt Tessari, founder of AI Governance & Safety Canada network, a AGI governace focused advocacy network. 

Our panel discussion will be followed by a keynote delivered by Abhishek Gupta.




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