Got involved with EA Spain in February 2020 helping them operationalise and metricise their talent funnel

Graduated BsC in Economics in May 2019, I'm building up career capital in Learning & Development, Data Analysis, and Operations

Very, very lost in how to build a more EA-oriented career path (help actively welcomed) 🙃


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EA Handbook, Third Edition: We want to hear your feedback!

Lightly edited from an email chain I had with Aaron

The content and high-level format of it being "hosted" on the forum looks super promising!

It also made me wonder whether the scope the project should increase:

Does it make sense to translate everything in the 3rd Edition of the EA Handbook? What sort of considerations arise from here?

According to your post, this could be a "living document that grows and changes as the movement does", which means most, if not all material in there are by nature high fidelity. I believe with this new edition, a lot of the traditional fear of irreversible lock-in, translation difficulties, and out-of-dateness don't apply, and most countries can benefit a lot from an ongoing translation effort.

The way I'm intending to do this for EA Spain is to allow relatively new-but-engaged members to take up like a "miniproject" translating some of these texts to be shown on EA Spain's website, so it serves as both an engagement and educational tool at the same time.