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Answer by Lotte_de_LintFeb 06, 2022120

An opinion/investigative journalist with great leverage (in their home country). I'm personally from the Netherlands, and would put Arjen Lubach forward. He is well-respected for his critical investigative journalism with a hint of satire. But another figure that would probably qualify (and is more well-known internationally) would be John Oliver from 'Last week tonight'. Such people would be able to get some of the underexposed issues EA is focused on, more in the mainstream. This would potentially drive increase the focus of research and interested investors in this direction. While EA generally does not have a focus on reaching the mainstream. The rather elaborate nature of the aimed investigative journalism makes the information rather high-fidelity. Plus, the presented specific ideas will in this way also reach the people who actually have the capacity to have an impact in a particular area and who would be missed by extremely high-fidelity outreach like books. 

Oops, I reposted the video and therefore the link changed. It is now updated!