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I have done around 20 practice interviews for mathematical subjects for Oxbridge. If in the off chance you need somebody to help do this, feel free to reach out. (If yes, let me know and I will share my contact details with you via linkedin)

Regardless, good luck with this! Very useful for teenagers to get this advice which is otherwise not available.

Sorry if the answer for this is readily available elsewhere, but are there recommended times of the year to donate if you are based in the UK, e.g. to make use of matching opportunities? My understanding is that the Giving Tuesday facebook matching is only for US donors.


Thanks! I asked because I am currently going through 80k 8-week planning course and I get impression there is just large uncertainty around what could or could not be impactful.

You list various potential paths to impact. What do you think your path to impact has been so far and/or will be in the future? Was impact an important consideration when deciding to be a blogger?


What do you think of idea of using pandemic as a jumping off point? --idea that you really are capable of significant self-sacrifice for the greater good, and the kind of life changes that many EAs do are small compared sacrifice you have already made during pandemic.
--idea of thinking through with other person why it is obviously good for a government to buy vaccines for its population, given all the other things they could do with the money. I assume most people will use reasoning of helping the most people for low cost.