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In case this is relevant information, I spoke to the founder of the Time to Give Network (TGN) not too long ago when he had just found out about EA. "TGN connects solution providers and professional individuals with C-Level champions, experts and more. TGN enables TimeGivers to provide a pre-agreed amount of time with a qualified TimeBidder in return for a donation to their chosen charity. " Sounds like there may be synergies in both your projects.

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maybe https://ishango.ai/africabuildsai/?

Thanks for responding Jack! 

I co-organise the EA UK group: https://effectivealtruism.uk/

Hi Jack, 

Get a checkout page set up for your group. One for the World can offer you pages on Donational to collect donations and record pledges to global health and poverty charities.

Do you have examples of what this might look like for national EA groups? 


It says this is 11 weeks of online, full-time training - to clarify, what does this look like in practice on a weekly basis? 35-40 hours per week? 

It seems there isn't an expectation for people to look for new researcher roles at the end of the program and your target audience is also for existing researchers who are already working (presumably full time) in orgs - are they able to complete the program whilst also working full time? Should people apply if they are not able to take time off? 

some of the current standard practices around animal farming are quite a lot meaner than what you would see even than in industrial farming in the US.

Hi Arno, curious to hear what you mean by 'meaner'? 

For context, I work at AAA, one of the orgs mentioned in the post and would be keen to understand more about mitigation strategies to curb the growth of industrial animal agriculture in African countries.

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