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Introducing High Impact Athletes

I've thought about getting in touch with them and seeing if they wanted to partner up somehow. From what I can see they don't have any alignment with EA, so perhaps I could try and move the needle a bit towards that. 

Introducing High Impact Athletes

They've both been super helpful, particularly REG!

Introducing High Impact Athletes

This is a fair point and one I'm not completely firm on myself.

The main reason for including Atmosfair and Burn are because in my experience pro athletes (particularly tennis players who fly almost every week) are particularly aware of their carbon footprint. Carbon offsetting is a relatively easy sell for this audience. 

Dan Stein at Giving Green has done research on carbon offsetting's impact, and specifically efficient cook stoves. 
I recommend BURN, as well as Atmosfair's cookstove program on HIA. 

I'm curious, where do you get the 100x less effective figure from? 

Introducing High Impact Athletes

Thanks Ben, great comment. 

Do you think this approach works across the board?  In my personal experience athletes are quite self-centred and asking for anything for free is a shock to them. So far, bringing up a percentage pledge has scared the vast majority of the athletes I've spoken to, despite giving myself as an example of someone for whom it works and feels good. Most have shied away from a percentage, asking to donate a discreet amount and maybe come in at a 1% pledge next year or the year after. 

Perhaps this response is only typical for tennis players who have to earn their livings through winning matches, which is never a certainty, rather than being paid a salary like in most team sports. I haven't yet spoken to any team athletes about HIA. 

Also, I see the point about 'saintly' and have changed it. Thanks!

Introducing High Impact Athletes

Also, I would love to have a wide variety of athletes represented by HIA. As it's still very new I'm focusing outreach on those I have personal relationships with, which means tennis, which is predominantly white in the professional space at this point in time. I'm hoping that over time I can get in touch with a more diverse range of athletes from many different sports. 

Introducing High Impact Athletes

This is a good point and not one I'd thought of before. Thank you. 

Re 'saintly', it is intended as a joke. Do you think it's more offensive than funny? Or not worth the risk? 

Re diversity, I can't help that I'm the founder and I'm white, but having a more diverse advisory board sounds good. Do you have any ideas as to who would be good advisors for this sort of thing? Important to note that all the advisors are completely pro bono. 

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