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There is a good chance there will be an AMA for the Global Health & Development Fund later in the year, especially if Elie Hassenfeld ends up also forming a team.

Any news about this is likely to come in the second half of 2019.

Hi Peter - yes, on the front page the time is listed in your local timezone, and if you navigate through to 'Lottery Details' you'll see it both in UTC and your local timezone.

Update: the Animal Welfare Fund team published their grant recommendations today.

Thank you for your comment. I am perfectly happy to acknowledge that the changes announced in this post are to a large degree inspired by feedback from donors and the community. We see this project as a collaborative effort and our plan is to continue to improve the platform, utilising such feedback in the process.

Thanks Sam!

Yes, it is. We are currently focussing on operational robustness, but after that we see no reason not to expand the offering to cover most of the organisations EAs give to.

By your first question do you mean whether there is a $ amount ceiling after which the fund managers expect the marginal effectiveness of further grants to drop off? I think if this was the case, the managers would have a good reason to wait to grant until more effective options appear again.

On your second point, we would want to have the platform a little more stable operationally before adding further jurisdictions, as this would increase the complexity non trivially. Nevertheless we do hope to be able to register elsewhere in due time and the Netherlands would likely be our first target.

Hi Jon, yes this is due to the numbers reported in March including the accounts payable - money not yet held in cash but expected to come in. We later realised that some of the transactions we were expecting to come in were not real donations, but rather several people making large 'testing' donations which then did not get paid. We have resolved these issues, and will be reporting Fund balances in cash terms going forward, however it did mean that the March numbers ended up being inflated.

We will be publishing a post in the coming weeks going into detail on the work we have been doing in the back end of Funds and releasing an update to the site which automatically pulls the Fund balances from our accounting system.

Hi Peter, should be in the next few days, we're just finalising the details on CEA side.

Yes, that is a little ambiguous. It is trying to say that no user is at the 3-point level (if you have 25,000 karma or more). Currently no user is above the 2-point level for regular up/downvote and 8-point for the strong up/downvote. We have no plans to adjust the karma in the switch.

Re link posts, that does seem like a good idea. We will be publishing a much more detailed 'Proposed Moderation Standards' post closer to launch.

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