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Here is a quick update on CEA’s plans for this month on EA Funds:

2018 Donor Lottery

We just launched this year’s lotteries. Also see this post for some context and comments.

EA Funds grant making

The teams from the Long-Term Future and EA Meta Funds have already published reports on their recent grant recommendations. The Animal Welfare team expects to publish by the end of this week, and the Global Development Fund runs on a slightly later granting schedule and will be publishing recommendations by the end of the month.

Fund management team AMAs

“Ask me anything” question and answer sessions by the EA Funds grantmaker teams are currently being scheduled for the week of December 17th to 21st. The final date(s) will be announced shortly.

Crypto donations

You may have noticed that we have temporarily removed the option for donors to give in cryptocurrency (specifically BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH). We are working on improving the tech and process we have for this, and we hope to have the new implementation up and running before the end of the year.

Any questions, let us know in the comments or write to funds at effectivealtruism dot org.




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The donor lottery says it is "Closing: Wed, 9th January 2019 4:00 PM" but notably a timezone is not listed. Can you clarify?

Hi Peter - yes, on the front page the time is listed in your local timezone, and if you navigate through to 'Lottery Details' you'll see it both in UTC and your local timezone.

Update: the Animal Welfare Fund team published their grant recommendations today.

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