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CEO of Fathom Computing, a startup building optics-based computing hardware aiming at beneficial AGI. I do fundraising, recruiting, long-term strategy, especially related to AI safety, culture (I set our company up as a public benefit corporation), as well as lead some of the technical areas, especially multicore fiber. Current top cause area interest: AI safety, longtermism, cause prioritization, and I'm working on a utility equation mostly from a computational perspective.


EA focusmate is awesome, and still active (March 2024)! I use it maybe a couple hours a day on average to get through important but non-urgent tasks, tasks that are hard to start, or anything I've procrastinated on. I love being connected with others in the EA community preferentially, and just having a couple minute discussion of what their working on and what I'm working on is really motivating. Also I've hired 3 people that I met through EA focusmate, and would not have met them otherwise, so also great for networking. Happy focusmating!

It now handles 75 min and also 25min. There have been a bunch of other updates that generally make it easier to use, including a built-in picture-in-picture so that a little video window stays on top, as you're working and you don't have to have the focusmate window on top at all

Thanks for the tip!  I'll change to existential risks