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Thank you! I hope your work in Hungary is going well. 

Hi Ryan!

Thank you so much for the encouragement and kind words. I’m glad you like the design of the site. If things go well I’m going to invest in improving it further. And I 100% agree with you on the name/branding having a disconnect. I may create a new logo with the red little pepper icon shortly and more so communicate the significance d behind the name. It’s been the first question people ask me. Thanks again and enjoy your weekend!

@Pat Myron great idea! I imagine our offerings for donors will look quite different a year from now and I like the pay up front and make your donation go even further option. Thank you for helping me. 

Hi Hauke, thank you! I will check that out. 

Hi Lauren, thank you for the input and thank you for joining Pepper! If you think of any ways I can improve it please email me or comment. Waking up and reading your comments made my morning. And you got me thinking that I should see if other EA university groups would be interested in Pepper. Thank you! 

If only we could hit the streets! I love this mindset. I am going to take more of a discovery approach for the next couple weeks and see what I learn. Thanks a million! This is helpful. 

Hi Kyle, thank you for the great suggestion. I agree, the 100% messaging is very effective. It seems to be one of the biggest drivers behind Charity Water's success. They have private funders paying for their overhead and cover the cost of credit card fees for donors. In a perfect world we'd do the same and we plan on applying for grants. If they figured out the logistics, I bet we could eventually too. Thanks again! 

Hi David, ahh thanks for asking! I was envisioning one of those little hot peppers that's small but packs a punch, the idea being that with Pepper a small amount of money can make a big impact. 

Great question! Something I'm still working on. I believe that it's worth trying to use language and visuals that get people excited about making an impact rather than feel guilty for not doing enough. That alone seems to be a significant differentiator in a space that's too often filled with images and text guilting people into giving. I don't want to pressure anyone into joining. I want people to join because they want to join, not because they feel like they should. I'm going to test different messaging and visuals in paid ads, podcasts, emails, and partnerships on social media. I'm hoping some influencers with a history of doing good will be interested in sharing Pepper as it's a fairly accessible way for people to get into the habit of giving. Open to any ideas of course and thank you for getting my wheels rolling here! Thanks again!

Hi Elika,


Wow! You're so kind. Thank you for the encouragement and for joining Pepper, that's so cool. Your support means a lot to me. I'm glad you think it could appeal to people unfamiliar with EA. I think the work these charities are doing is fantastic and more people should know about it! I believe that if we can educate people on their awesomeness and make it super simple for them to make an impact, then maybe it'll snowball into something big. Thanks again! 

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