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Happiness is a cookie that your brain bakes for itself.

- Joscha Bach

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How others can help me

  •  I'm looking for an innovative project to use and hone my skills.
  •  Boast how you're improving the world!
  •  I'd like to connect with like-minded people.
  • Tell me how you convince people to be part of EA.

How I can help others

  • I can talk to you about being a freelancer in Germany (recommended!).
  • I can tell you about Berlin and Germany.
  • I know a lot of board games.
  • I can try to convince you about AGI safety.
  • I can tell you about the LessWrong community.
  • I can offer you a space to couch surf in Berlin (as long as my wife agrees)


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I know I'm late to the party, but thanks for the data!

One question: Why does your number for 2019 so different from 80K's estimates (

I've bothered @GuyP about it and he's on it!

Quick heads up: Most of the RSVPs are on or LessWrong, so don't worry about being alone. :)

The next workshop with @Severin has also been scheduled for just a week later (Mo, Sep 18): The Art of Difficult Conversations

The next topic will be Personal Privacy on Sep 12.

@GuyP will teach us about digital privacy.

We'll go over who should and shouldn't care for their digital privacy, the value of personal data, its effects on the people around you and what are the lesser-known low-hanging fruits to improve your standing in the digital age.

Speaking from experience, those events go well past 10 pm.

Thank you very much for sharing your insightful and motivating story.

But I'd like to advise to always be wary of survivorship bias. People who burned out are much less likely to write about it than someone who made it.

Parallel to this, I gained the confidence to decline job offers from EA-aligned organisations that I perceived as having less impact, despite their appeal. Some opportunities involved leading teams at EA-aligned startups. However, accepting them would have meant deviating from the top causes on my list. Instead of settling for the next available option, I aimed high, seeking roles that matched exceptionally well with my skills and the cause areas I had on the top of my list.

Hey everyone, Unfortunately the CCCB is not available today, so the workshop is happening at TEAMWORK. Here's how to get there:

Sorry for the short notice.

The next topic will be Doing a “full-time mental health sabbatical” on Jul 18.

Anton will try to convince us to spend some time to work on our mental health full-time.

And why shouldn't we? Long-term mental health is important for everyone, regardless of whether we have current problems or not. He already gave the talk at the Summer Camp a few weeks ago, and it was one of the best attended sessions.

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