Mitchell Laughlin

Economic Analyst @ Treasury, Australian Government
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Analyst in the Australian Treasury reporting on comparable economies and the economies of Australia's major trading partners (and occasionally on financial market developments). Giving What We Can (GWWC) pledge member since September 2022.

How others can help me

I'm looking to switch roles within the next 12 months to work in general research (I have a background in economic and financial modelling using spreadsheets, but don't have coding skills), advocacy, or community building. 

I'm currently contracting for 1Day Sooner (while working at the Treasury). I'll aim to get feedback in the next month to serve as an indication of my current skill set.

I'm also actively applying for CE programs.  


I really like Bastille's Hope For the Future (especially their Coal Drops version).
Be More Kind by Frank Turner is a really lovely song.

I'm atheistic/agnostic and am unfamiliar with Dominic Roser.... but I think that discussing the compatibility of EA with religious views/a religious view would be very interesting and appealing to a large number of people. 

Hiya! Wondering if anyone wanted to donation swap with me for 2024?
I'm looking to donate around AUD 5,500 each to the Good Food Institute, Giving What We Can, and Family Empowerment Media. I think these are all tax-deductible in the US, UK, and the Netherlands, but sadly not in Australia (update: GWWC is tax-deductible in Australia via EA Australia, also there's currently a funding match for donations made before Jan 31st)

If anyone is planning on making a (roughly) similarly sized donation (GBP 2,900, USD 3,700, EUR 3,300) across 2024 (in one donation or split into months or quarters), to a charity that is tax-deductible in Australia please reach out!!!

Thanks a bunch,

This went excellently and I've organised my swap! Thanks all

Hi Kaj, enjoyed the post! 

I just wanted to ask if you might consider changing the "his" in "by donating a measly 10% of his income" to "their", noting that there are no other gendered references in the post. Maybe I'm being a little pedantic but I think I'm always quite eager to make sure women feel as at home in EA as I do! 

Hi Josh, apologies if this was detailed elsewhere, but do you have any skills you're after for pool members? I'd be keen to help out if you thought I could. 

I identified with so many aspects of this post. Thank you for writing it, Michael.

Hiya! I think the Smoking in developing countries read more link is broken. Might be worth fixing. Also if in the process of fixing it someone could link me to it (or let me know if it's no longer recommended, etc.) that'd be great!!! Thanks

Thanks for adding those links, definitely helpful.

I think it might be more comprehensible to use 10^x notation, given I imagine most readers would be more familiar with that concept (happy to be corrected). It would also make it so units would be comparable (i.e., it's easy to see that 10^-8 is much less than 10^-4) without switching back and forth between a Wikipedia article (as I had to do). 

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