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Fill out this census of everyone who could ever see themselves doing longtermist work — it’ll only take a few mins

Have you considered making the survey questions preview-able for potential participants?  People might feel more inclined to fill out the form if able to peruse before deciding to partake.  

I appreciate the work you have done to help streamline this process!

EAG & EAGx lodging considerations

:) I wouldn't be surprised if this is a thing, and stand by my bad puns. Didn't realize you were joking, but also didn't judge the corgi hotel other than feeling slightly concerned about the possibility of animal exploitation.

I'm sorry to hear that others experience anxiety around finding lodging too, and think surveying for potential value of group bookings might be good.

EAG & EAGx lodging considerations

Awesome, thanks for sharing this experience!

What comes after the intro fellowship?

Vaidehi, Thanks for this post. I like these ideas and have wondered about this too. I like how you lay out possible operational models.

Miranda, what you are doing looks promising to me; thanks for sharing!

EAG & EAGx lodging considerations

Tim: Not sure. Didn't apply to this year's Prague event because I couldn't make the dates work. Glad you found a place to stay!

Irena: I was in Prague for a short time when I was little and remember it as a thriving cultural hub that I wanted to spend more time in. I think you're right on about people wanting to experience real life and travel to awesome places again, after prolonged lack of travel, arts/culture, in-person human interaction, etc. That's great that you made a public transport doc! I agree that there would likely be significant work involved in coordinating group travel arrangements. 

Charles:  Thanks for sharing about the free stays for refugees, I find that heartening. Clarification: Are you saying there is a hotel that rents rooms and companion corgis? I hope the hotel vets everyone involved, esp given fat-tailed risk potential.

EAG & EAGx lodging considerations

Thanks Kevin!  Curious as to whether that worked out well for EAGx Boston.  

EAG & EAGx lodging considerations

Thank you!  Good question.  I think Charles' consideration makes sense here, though I'm not super familiar with what the location-based EA ecosystem looks like.  

P.S. Charles, I've found many of your posts super insightful. Maybe not many people talk to you (me neither, unless I initiate the convo!), but perhaps more people are listening than you think.  

EAG & EAGx lodging considerations

Thank you! That makes me feel good.

Should the EA community have a DL engineering fellowship?

+1. Useful and seemingly quite bottlenecked realm; demand seems unlikely to decrease anytime soon and existing barriers to entry are significant.

Have thought about this a fair amount lately and appreciate your post.

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