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Really love this idea, and would encourage you to evaluate additional barriers to getting vaccines in arms.Maybe this could be via basic surveys or interviews or via browsing some medical publications and talking to vaccine clinic organizers.

Also curious if there is an existing ( or soon to exist) non profit that might be able to assist financially. Global vaccine shortage and insufficient public health tools amidst a pandemic seems like an important, tractable cause. I’d be interested in helping out if it makes sense.

Personally I’d be super excited about a “vaccines for all” type program with initial focus on increasing access to — and delivery of —vaccines against pandemic agents with aims to expand globally . Does anyone know what orgs are doing that? I’d also love to see an org that distributed public health tools like masks and provide materials for and potentially hosted local community sessions to assemble lower cost filtration devices like Corsi-Rosenthal boxes. With the amount of air pollution in much of the world now, this could be helpful for mitigating airborne spread of pandemic pathogens as well as harmful air pollution.

Supply very well could be the main vaccine bottleneck in the UK. In the US, a significant percentage of the population ( I’m forgetting the specifics) has yet to get the bivalent vaccine despite it being free.

When I got my variant booster it was at the same time as a flu shot and that was convenient and offering a twofer might appeal to some, though it may be a bit late for this year.

Another issue in the US is with delivery: healthcare systems here are generally overwhelmed and understaffed. Anecdotally it seems like pharmacies are too. In some places, the paucity of available vaccinators is likely contributing to lower vaccine uptake. Hoping the UK healthcare system is more aptly prepared.

Thanks for sharing and really appreciate that you’re thinking about this .

Filip, that sounds reasonable too . Thanks for the add .

Have you considered making the survey questions preview-able for potential participants?  People might feel more inclined to fill out the form if able to peruse before deciding to partake.  

I appreciate the work you have done to help streamline this process!

:) I wouldn't be surprised if this is a thing, and stand by my bad puns. Didn't realize you were joking, but also didn't judge the corgi hotel other than feeling slightly concerned about the possibility of animal exploitation.

I'm sorry to hear that others experience anxiety around finding lodging too, and think surveying for potential value of group bookings might be good.

Awesome, thanks for sharing this experience!

Vaidehi, Thanks for this post. I like these ideas and have wondered about this too. I like how you lay out possible operational models.

Miranda, what you are doing looks promising to me; thanks for sharing!

Tim: Not sure. Didn't apply to this year's Prague event because I couldn't make the dates work. Glad you found a place to stay!

Irena: I was in Prague for a short time when I was little and remember it as a thriving cultural hub that I wanted to spend more time in. I think you're right on about people wanting to experience real life and travel to awesome places again, after prolonged lack of travel, arts/culture, in-person human interaction, etc. That's great that you made a public transport doc! I agree that there would likely be significant work involved in coordinating group travel arrangements. 

Charles:  Thanks for sharing about the free stays for refugees, I find that heartening. Clarification: Are you saying there is a hotel that rents rooms and companion corgis? I hope the hotel vets everyone involved, esp given fat-tailed risk potential.

Thanks Kevin!  Curious as to whether that worked out well for EAGx Boston.  

Thank you!  Good question.  I think Charles' consideration makes sense here, though I'm not super familiar with what the location-based EA ecosystem looks like.  

P.S. Charles, I've found many of your posts super insightful. Maybe not many people talk to you (me neither, unless I initiate the convo!), but perhaps more people are listening than you think.  

Thank you! That makes me feel good.

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