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Someone involved with https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/reduce-air-pollution-in-uganda-to-save-lives-and-planet/  has reached out twice for donations. I have responded to their messages, each time explaining that I am not in a position to donate but will share their request. Hence, if anyone feels inclined to donate or comment on the organizational track record, please do! I find the efforts compelling, and the individual has not given me any reason to think they are disingenuous.  

But, maybe I'm just a sucker, in which case I'd like to borrow your lenses for a second so I can make note.

In case this interests anyone, this is their most recent message:

I hope this finds you are well and safe.

From our last communication, I understood you were not in position to support our community-driven clean air project in Uganda; due to constraints brought by the pandemic or the non-alignment of our project with your expertise or simply because of geographical restrictions.

However, accessing grant funds in the air quality space in Africa is very hard especially for a startup nonprofit like ours but we are confident upon publication of research data, our approach towards combating transport induced pollution in Africa will be legitimized; paving way for policy influence, access to funding and creating community-driven awareness and resilience.

According to a study by Clean Air Fund (CAF); air pollution kills more than malaria, HIV/Aids and TB combined but receives only 1% of global development aid.

In Africa the problem is even worse than estimated due to lack of data and actionable measures. Uganda alone loses over 31,000 people annually (mostly children).

We urgently need to acquire essential equipment to enable us collect transport emissions data; much needed in our community-based trainings and policy influence through GlobalGiving (https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/reduce-air-pollution-in-uganda-to-save-lives-and-planet/); and I humbly appeal to you for a 1-time consideration on individual basis please.

Anything you give will be highly appreciated and impactful even if its a single $.

Monthly or recurring donations are still being matched at 100% though.

I have re-attached a summarized presentation of our main project and a link to the short video highlighting our situation & works.

https://youtu.be/hwRZg8ZGSzI (short video)

We also have another pilot project on Electric Vehicle Conversion, kindly check it out too.
Here's some recent publications about our project.
* https://www.devex.com/news/africa-s-air-quality-problem-old-cars-and-no-data-99744
* https://www.cieh.org/ehn/environmental-protection/2021/april/tales-from-the-front-line-the-smell-of-traffic-can-be-sickening/

* https://www.podshipearth.com/uganda





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