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Thanks so much... this brings a lot of clarity, I think I just levelled up. I have spent too much time being a mentally ill neet on the internet.

I did write a load of explanations, clarifications and answers to your questions, but it got long winded and beside the point and risks inflaming things more, which I seem to enjoy doing. I think it's best I just acknowledge yes, I made an irresponsible joke at the expense of both groups, with no preference for either group and no intention except illustrating a point about me not trusting non eas to understand, in a tongue in cheek way with humour and edgelordery. Not a very wise choice of humour.

As for the sneering at <130 IQ, that was a mix of snobbery, humour and serious expression. Re cultishness my position is that EA must become far more cult-like to survive. These weren't exactly the main point of my post, just distracting indulgences on the side.

I was writing each comment to respond directly to different paragraphs, one comment per op paragraph as requested by op. I was writing quickly without editing to maximize honesty, fluency of reading and writing, mutual empathy, intuitiveness, detail, and speed. And, doing that, I got into a stream of thought, disallowed usual conditioned social anxiety stop signs that suppress so much thought and action and usually paralyse, and really enjoyed doing something fluently without my usual superstitious fears sabotaging the whole process and resuming the usual torture that is my existence.

But this usually causes chaos. I should really keep that shit to somewhere that isn't an important and serious place like ea forums. I told myself it was fine, hardly anyone would respond, people would take it as half-joking mirth and hand wave it off if it wasn't their cup of tea. Maybe they did, but I guess I shouldn't risk it if I can't easily offset the harm. I guess I should go and write my stuff somewhere else.

Wow, this was much shorter in the rewrite. Anyhow, things make sense now so thanks again for your response.


[redacted because tone sounds innocent and making excuses, lacks humility]

[comment edited loads to reduce confusion]

What are people objecting to here? Is it the style or the ideas? Or were certain phrases provoking bad reactions like

[examples deleted. i think they were fuelling it and doing more harm than good.]

The thing is, none of these understandable reactiv3 guesses are remotely true of me. I was simply trying to satisfy OP's desire to avoid the anticipated unwillingness of respondents tohave the sort of 'vague discussion' he wanted, which I took to mean something unfiltered, direct from the subconscious and super authentic. If I don't at least do that in draft, the ideas disappear.

And rephrasing is a kind of punishment for unfashionable thought, and often takes hours of self torture, and results in something watered down anyway. I really think it's more fun and intellectually rewarding to go Deleuzian over everybody's asses like a Narcissist from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Also, my ocd and anxiety and reality issues make it very hard for me to edit at the moment. I thought it better to post unpolished, relevant stuff than not post.

I'm sorry I seem to have caused offence, confusion, reduction of social trust and general harm to ea, which is pretty much the only movement I ever cared about, that I abstained from participating in from ages 15 to 28 or 29 due to fear of doing harm to a very young movement with my craziness. Or perhaps it's less serious and people just picked up on a few phrases and thought Iwas just a stupid troll... which superficially [edit: sorry for that word] I guess it does look like it.

I think I'll add some quotes to show what I was responding to and try to make things a bit clearer. [edit: i chose to delete 2 of 3 of my top level comments here instead] I am guessing that the problem is primarily me and my communication and not other people for not jiving with the basically curated-to-transgress as an overcoming bias exercise contents of my mind.

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I think the global poverty thing is great for PR and it's very important to have a highly visible discourse on it in outer EA outposts like the subreddit because otherwise people see us talking about AI and think we're a cult. There's a serious problem on Reddit with many young people getting taken in by an intelligent, fashionable and dangerous anti rationalsphere group that grows at 300% per year. It's very important that EA makes humanitarian noises on Reddit rather than just doing our usual thing of just helping people, to handle the antagonistic group. I used to frequent the sub trying to handle them and I think we got a reputation increase but right now my mental health can't cope with that kind of emotional labour and the required self restraint and empathy for influential insane bpd people who will soon grow up to become journalists. There's already at least one journalist who dedicates his career to attacking rationalsphere x risk and gets published in intellectually fashionable outlets like salon.com -- there's a very real danger imho that we'll have a plague of these bastards soon and we'll be considered the new far right, as this guy is already successfully painting us. We need to make more good PR noises and take a countering violent extremism approach to our adversaries, prevent them from turning young intelligent people against us.

I think there is serious neglect of PR in EA . EAs seem to be PR blind. Those who see the threat are often tempted to argue with nutters and make it worse. People forget that teens grow up to be adults with academic ppsts and journalism careers. I personally understand that mundane humanitarianism is relatively unimportant compared to x risk but we still need to look after the reputation side of things so I suggest retaining some humanitarian stuff on the highly visible outside of the movement and talking about it constantly is necessary for survival. I feel sometimes anti-superficial-bullshit-altruism sentiment in our glorious movement works as a kind of masochism where we basically fail to get credit for anything and invite irrational but intelligent and socially skilled people to attack us. We need a highly socially skilled and emotionally resilient counter-force to spout humanitarianism and take care of people's feelings.