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Wikipedia editing is important, tractable, and neglected

Recent BBC report on people trying to spread misinformation on Wikipedia --

Giving Tuesday 2020

Unfortunately, it does not seem that I can do this from outside US. Maybe there should be a program which allow foreign donors to give money to a trusted organization to do it on their behalf in US.

Be a Stoic and build better democracies: an Aussie-as take on x-risks (review essay)

I wrote a blog to introduce EA to modern Stoics.

I think EA could also learn a few things from Stoics. Lessons in Stoicism by John Sellars is a good and short book.

Ambitious Altruistic Software Engineering Efforts: Opportunities and Benefits

It is mostly designed to be as open as possible. In terms of function, it is mostly just a clone of

Sleep: effective ways to improve it

Don’t forget sleep apnea. I recently got a diagnosis and treatment. Felt much better now.

Ambitious Altruistic Software Engineering Efforts: Opportunities and Benefits

A quick comment on open source Twitter. There is one called mastodon. I tried it and it works well. Only problem is that no one is using it. That is the problem for any new social media.

Insomnia: a promising cure

It probably depends on each person's situation. When I read it, I was very worried about sleep. I had a very elaborate ritual to help me to fall asleep, which did not work that well. I think reading the book helped to me to adapt a more accepting attitude to insomnia. Now I actually do not think about insomnia much, but only follows some common sleep hygiene measures, like avoiding screen, sleeping on time and getting up on time, etc. It works reasonably well.

Insomnia: a promising cure

There's book on insomnia that has helped me a lot -- The Sleep Book: Sleep Well Every Night by Guy Meadows

An insight of this book is that, sometimes it's because we go to extreme length to fight insomnia that we make it worse. Accepting that insomnia is part of a normal human life, may actually reduces it severity.

Some promising career ideas beyond 80,000 Hours' priority paths

I happened to have met someone working in formal verification. What they do is to use SAT solver to check if a railroad switching system works as expected. I don't think they would consider them doing AI security. But for software used in critical infrastructure (like railway), it is an important safe measure.

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