I am thinking of making some donations each month, either to Climate Change (CC) related organizations or aid groups fighting Global Poverty (GP), or both. But I am bit unsure which way to go.

I think CC is a way more important cause, especially if we take a long-term view. If leave unchecked, it is not impossible that human civilizations may collapse because of CC, with tremendous suffering as a consequence. However, it seems to be a domain which already has a lot of attentions and money. So I am not sure if the little bit money I gave is really necessary or effective.

If I give money to GP, then I can be more certain that my contribution does help someone. However, all the improvements we may have gained may be wept out by CC in near future.

So what should I do? Which one should I choose? Or maybe half-and-half?

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Writing a comment to emphasize that the answers on Brian's question are exactly what you're looking for!

I’ve been trying to answer a similar version of this question myself. Specifically, should I buy carbon offsets? I detailed my decision-making process here, on my personal blog. I also found this paper (on the mortality cost of carbon) very helpful.

In short, I concluded that spending money on carbon offsets is likely an order-of-magnitude less effective (in terms of lives saved per $ spent) than donating to the most effective charities, which usually work on global-poverty-related issues.

My interpretation of the available research is that the risk that climate change causes civilizational collapse or a species-ending event is quite low. And so, I think the risk climate change wipes out the benefits of your donations is also low. This discussion of how to think about the risk of catastrophic climate change outcomes was helpful, too.

Thanks. According to GivingGreen, carbon offsetting is indeed not very effective. So I am thinking of donating to organizations promoting policy changes such as Clear Air Task Force.

My impression on the impact of climate change mostly comes from Our Final Warning: Six Degrees of Climate Emergency by Mark Lynas. There is an episode of 80000 hours podcast interviewing Lynas if anyone is interested.

There are actually some organisations that have an impact on both. For example burn stoves seem one way that works pretty well (Found them via Founders pledge I believe)