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Where to find EA-related videos

Please add The Life You Can Save under Global Health and Development! They released this cool video recently:

Official EA Forum Feedback Survey

Hey Aaron, I think there's an error on page 5 of the survey. It seems like the first question on that page should be a multi-select question (checkboxes) rather than a multiple choice once?

Has anyone done an analysis on the importance, tractability, and neglectedness of keeping human-digestible calories in the ocean in case we need it after some global catastrophe?

I've read 80% of Feeding Everyone No Matter What, and they cover all sorts of alternative food sources we could use in the event of a global catastrophe. These include seaweed, mushrooms, insects, bacteria, and more. Have you been able to read it?

EA Philippines' Strong Progress and Learnings in 2019

For community builders reading this, we'd also like to know what other communities' funnel metrics look like, to see whether if ours is typical or not. I'm curious to see how other communities measure and track their members' engagement, and what the levels of engagement look like.

EA Philippines' Strong Progress and Learnings in 2019

Also, just for some background on EA Philippines' core team, we're composed of 4 people - Kate Lupango, Tanya Quijano, Alec Wang, and myself. Here's some more information about us:

  • Kate is a financial accountant working at a local startup, and also has experience working as a volunteer in animal advocacy and social work.
  • Tanya currently works on freelance projects as a development consultant. She used to work as the head executive assistant for the Philippines’ Department of Social Welfare and Development. As such, she has a lot of contacts with people from the government and the non-profit / development sector in the Philippines.
  • Alec is currently a 2nd-year student at the Ateneo De Manila University majoring in computer science. He originally was taking a business degree, but he shifted into taking a degree in computer science. He now plans on working in the field of technical AI safety / AI research, and is deeply invested in improving himself in the fields of coding and machine learning.
  • I work as a product designer at First Circle, a fintech B2B lending startup in the Philippines.

Our other co-founder, Jeffrey, gradually became less involved after the first few events.

You can reach out to me via a Forum message or to us through our Facebook page. I can connect you with anyone from our core team!

EA Philippines' Strong Progress and Learnings in 2019

Hi Katie, thanks for the feedback and question! We're definitely thinking about succession planning and finding additions to or replacements for our core team. But we have yet to identify clear candidates who would be willing and are a good fit to be community builders. We do have active members though, and we would like to see one of them expressing interest to be part of the core team.

In the meantime, we can't really spend much time working on succession planning. We'll focus on it when we're more sure that we will move on to other paths instead of leading EA Philippines. We all still plan on being in the EA Philippines core team through the rest of 2020, and some of us are still willing to be in the core team for 2021 if we don't have successors.

Anyway, our plan for 2020 is to be on the lookout for people willing to join our core team, and to guide or train them once we find one or more of them.

Is learning about EA concepts in detail useful to the typical EA?

+1 to this. I'd say I've spent anywhere from 70-150 hours consuming EA content, whether that's through events, books, podcasts, or videos. That's mainly because I'm a community builder and I'm earning to give, and so I wanted to find out a lot about the different causes and concepts within EA.

However, even for non community builders, I'd still recommend them to learn more about EA.

There starts to be diminishing returns past 50 hours of learning maybe, but if you're someone who wants to help convince other people to be EA's, or want to better understand and explain what EA is, you'll need about 30-50 hours of immersion.

I think that continually reading the EA Forum and understanding EA concepts more in-depth helps me convey to my network various perspectives and concepts that are EA-related.

For example, I can point people to resources on climate change, AI Safety, global health, and cause prioritization because of reading widely about EA and its causes. And I think more people should be aiming to do that.

Having a wide understanding of EA allows you to spread the knowledge more easily, and I believe there's a lot of value to spreading EA knowledge.

I'm Michelle Hutchinson, head of advising at 80,000 Hours, AMA

What would be your advice to people who want to do EA career advising in their local community? Would 80,000 Hours be willing to release a guide, or train people on how to do this, so that other EAs can advise a lot more people than 80K can?

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