I currently split my time working as a Group Support Contractor at the Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA) and as a community builder of EA Philippines, which I co-founded. In late 2020, I received a community building grant from CEA to work full-time on EA Philippines. I was formerly a Senior Product Designer at First Circle, a FinTech company in Manila. You can reach out to me at or add me on LinkedIn at


EA Philippines' CBG Achievements + Future Plans

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Introducing Asterisk

Cool project! Could I ask why it's called Asterisk?

"Big tent" effective altruism is very important (particularly right now)

Thanks for this post! Just pointing out that the links in footnotes 3 and 4 seem to all be not working

Edit: They were working, just had to do a captcha

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How Do You Get People to Really Show Up to Local Group Meetups?

These resources on promoting your group and events from the EA Groups Resource Centre might help!

Go apply for 80K Advising - (Yes, right now)

I suggest you change the title to say 80K advising rather than consulting, since that's what they refer to it as. I was wondering if 80K launched a new consulting service!

The Future Fund’s Regranting Program

Cool program! One question on this:

We've already invited a first cohort of 21 regrantors to test the program.

Will you be announcing who these regrantors are, and when will that happen if so?

Yonatan Cale's Shortform

Thanks for the info! Yeah intensities of workouts matter too. 

Yonatan Cale's Shortform

Interesting! How often and for how many hours per week do you work out now in VR (and how many hrs not in VR per week now)? And how often and for how many hours did you work out per week before?

EA Malaysia Report (August 2021 - January 2022)

I like the Sankey diagram too - what did you use to make it Yi-Yang?

EA Organization Updates: February 2022

The title should say February 2022 instead of 2021! :)

New EA book: “How to Launch a High-Impact Nonprofit” by Charity Entrepreneurship is now available worldwide in paper and eBook format.

Really happy to see this book being available widely now and publicized more! I'll copy over my Goodreads review here below. I highly recommend the book:

"This was the most useful book I read in 2021. It's an amazing book for people interested in making a large impact with their career, especially those interested in starting a charity or working for one. They tell you why and how to start a high-impact charity, while giving you the tools and tips to make great decisions as a charity entrepreneur, which are useful even if you don't start a charity. Give it a read!"

I was part of Charity Entrepreneurship's incubation program last year, where we also had a 4-week reading group to discuss this book with other incubatees, and we also had supplementary video content during the program. But reading this book alone also has a lot of value in itself without those!

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