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EA Survey 2020: Cause Prioritization

Got it! I would guess that engaged EAs would think Meta work that is not movement building might be referring to fundraising for other causes. So I think it makes sense that it's not a high priority, given the large amount of funding already committed  to EA.

EA Survey 2020: Cause Prioritization

Thanks for clarifying! But I'd still like to hear more about you or the org's conception of the difference between EA movement building and Meta work that is not movement building. 

EA Survey 2020: Cause Prioritization

Thanks for this! Can someone clarify the difference between "EA movement building" and "Meta (Other than EA movement building)"? 

I'm not sure why that distinction was made, or what the distinction is. I'm not sure if survey respondents would have understood the distinction either. If this distinction is going to be kept for future surveys, explaining the difference between those two in the survey might be needed. 

Taylor Swift's "long story short" Is Actually About Effective Altruism and Longtermism (PARODY)

This is amazing. It's funny that she actually says "yeah" like EA . I hadn't listened to this song before this. Please do more of this!

Should EA have a career-focused “Do the most good" pledge?

Thanks for the feedback Cristina! Regarding one's life circumstances changing so much, Giving What We Can allows people to contact them to revoke their pledge, so I could imagine that being done by people who don't feel aligned with this career-focused pledge anymore, if life circumstances change in the future.

I agree that that's a specific, actionable, and reasonable pledge. Maybe a shorthand name for that pledge idea could be the "EA Career Planning Pledge". I'm not sure if that should replace this pledge, but it's an interesting idea.

Should EA have a career-focused “Do the most good" pledge?

I've added below each comment that they should downvote the comment with negative karma if they upvoted using the poll. I think this is a sign that the EA Forum should have a poll feature.

Should EA have a career-focused “Do the most good" pledge?

Hey Khorton, yeah I think I should have made that clearer with my post. I agree that people can have more than one goal. I was thinking though that one can maximize the impact of their career while generally still having other goals. 

Possibly the pledge could be reworded to be about pledging to aim to do a large amount of good with one's career. I think that could generally have the same effect, without being construed as being too single-minded on impact maximization.

Should EA have a career-focused “Do the most good" pledge?

I assume people can click to unhide it and then downvote it?

Should EA have a career-focused “Do the most good" pledge?

Upvote this comment if you think this pledge is a bad idea. 

(I initially just put one comment that people could upvote or downvote, but I'm making this a separate comment to prevent the comment being hidden if it becomes negative karma. There's a comment with negative karma below that you can downvote if you used this poll, to offset any karma I gain from using comments as polls.)

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