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EA Forum update: New editor! (And more)

I love the Zuckerberg references and would want to read more of Zuckerberg's downfall. I hope future Forum feature releases are as good and funny as this!

Is region-level cause prioritization research valuable to spot promising long-term priority causes worldwide?

A good example is the criminal justice reform work that Open Phil funds, which is a local priority in the U.S. but not a global one. It's especially pressing in the U.S. given they have the highest incarceration rate in the world.

Design-Jobs & (Science)Communication for EA?

Hey Jana,

I work as a Product Designer, so I'm glad to see another person with a UX background in the EA community! There are relatively few of us in EA, and I think there's also very few paid UI/UX job opportunities in EA. There are some volunteer opportunities though.

Feel free to message me here on the forum and I can help give some career advice or introduce you to a few other UI/UX designers in EA. I would also recommend you to join this Artists and Designers in EA Facebook group and you can chat with other EAs working as UI/UX designers there!

Marcus Davis: Rethink Priorities — empirical research on neglected causes
We gathered this information into an interactive table.

The link to the table leads to a Wikipedia page on backpropagation. Could this be corrected? Thanks!

EA Forum feature suggestion thread

Hm I tried linking a recent EA Forum post with an image (image is at the bottom) just now on Facebook, and the EA forum photo is still the one showing up. I tried running it via the Facebook sharing debugger and pressing "Scrape Again", but it still shows the same photo.

Problem areas beyond 80,000 Hours' current priorities

Thanks for posting this Arden! I know that this list is quite long already, but I was wondering why criminal justice reform isn't on the list of "other global issues"? It seems to be the only focus area of Open Philanthropy that isn't covered in one of these priorities.

EA Forum feature suggestion thread

I think the EA Forum should allow authors to pick one of the images they attached into their post as the "preview image" when the post is shared on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

I don't think this feature currently exists, and I think it would help drive traffic to the EA Forum whenever posts are shared. I'm assuming that the authors would link an image that is more enticing than the standard EA forum logo, which would result in slightly higher click-through rates. and most other CMS's allow you to pick a preview image. I think's UI for picking a "featured image" is a good example of how to design this feature.

EA Forum feature suggestion thread

Hey JP, thanks for your thoughts! When you're saying it's a little too much work, how many weeks are we talking about? I can understand how the profile upload part might take a bit long (1-2 weeks?).

For adding in the profile pictures beside author's usernames, I would think there isn't any big UI updating that has to be done there. It's only in the comments section that things might be a bit trickier. I've made mockups for my own suggestion here, including mockups for showing these on the frontpage, post header, and two different options for how to show pictures on comments. Even just showing pictures on the frontpage and beside the author's names in a forum post page would be great, if those are easier to do than adding on the comments.

But yeah it's good that you flag that the value of the forum comes from people writing posts and more people reading them. I'm also curious about what authors think on if they would prefer to have their face in posts, as well as if they prefer to see commenters' faces!

EA Forum feature suggestion thread

Yeah I think the EA Forum team could do usability testing on users if they haven't done it yet. Maybe they could do it on people interested in EA but have never visited the forum yet. I remember the first few times I visited the forum was quite daunting - long posts, usually no pictures on posts, no faces, and no onboarding.

I'm thinking that for users not logged in (which presumably means they're new to the forum?), they could be pointed to this article (maybe with some edits to make it a better first-read for new users):, and then they're encouraged to sign up in the end. A link to a short 2-5 minute video on the homepage about what the forum is and how to use the forum could work too.

I think some gamification for guided onboarding could work too, i.e. upvote your first article, upvote your first comment, message an author, write your first comment, write your first post, acquire x much karma (and get a badge)

Now that we have tags, tags could be part of onboarding and a more central part of the experience too. Similar to how encourages you to follow or subscribe to certain topics.

But yeah I wouldn't want to speak ahead too much on feature suggestions without knowing what the user research and usability testing results are first! As a UI/UX designer myself, I'd much rather see user research and usability testing be done first. My experience in using the forum might not be representative.

Geographic diversity in EA

Hello, I'm Brian, co-founder of EA Philippines. I think it's a good idea for EAs from non-US / UK countries to do some cause prioritization and career advice research to help determine what are the high-impact career paths for people from your country. And for people doing this, I think it's good to list both global and more regional/local problems, as well as find local roles to solve these local/global problems.

So yes, I think zooming in to country-level or region-level cause areas could help EA identify more accurately priority paths worldwide. I also think more impact could be achieved if people from different countries find their comparative advantage to focus on their own regions.

EA Philippines' cause prioritization and career advice research is currently housed in this Google Sheet. It's still very much a work in progress, and I'm unsure of whether to show this publicly at this early stage, but I think even just the framework and structure of the Google Sheet would help people in figuring out how to get started on this work themselves and how to list various causes, roles, and organizations.

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