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TL;DR: CEA would like up-to-date info on EA groups. Organizers, please fill out our ~10-minute census!

CEA is conducting an EA Groups Census, and we’d like all organizers of EA and EA-aligned groups to fill it out. This will make it easier for us and other EA organizations to contact your group and share opportunities with you, as well as to get some high-level data about EA and EA-aligned groups.

If you are marked as a current organizer in our records, you should have received an email from us with a unique link to a partially pre-filled census - this will save you time. (Check your spam folder!)

If you are a current organizer of an EA or EA-aligned group but did not receive an email from us, then please fill out the census via this link.

We’d like for one of the main organizers of all groups to fill out the group details section of the survey. For this organizer, the whole survey should take 10-15 minutes to fill out. Other organizers only have to fill out the personal information section, which should only take 3 minutes or less to fill out.

The deadline to complete the census is December 21, 2022.

Which groups should fill out the census?

We would like all EA and EA-aligned groups to fill out the census. We define an EA group as any group that has in-person or online live events to discuss or spread the ideas and principles of effective altruism.

We welcome all types of EA and EA-aligned groups to fill out the census, including:

  1. University groups
  2. City groups
  3. National groups
  4. Regional groups
  5. Cause-specific groups such as AI safety groups, longtermist groups, and effective animal advocacy groups
  6. Workplace groups
  7. Profession-based groups
  8. Affiliation-based groups (e.g. EA for Christians)

Which organizers should fill out the census?

Please fill out the census if you:

  1. Currently organize an EA group (e.g. you help organize activities at your group for at least 2 hours a month), or
  2. Will start organizing an EA group in the next 2 months, or
  3. Stepped down from organizing an EA group within the last 4 months. (It is useful for us to know you’re not organizing anymore. We can also get that information from the person who fills out the group details section of the census.)

If no one from a group fills out the group details section by the deadline, we will unlist the group from the Forum (just because we don't want prospective members reaching out to get no response). We will be happy to relist the group after someone gives us the info needed.

If you have any questions or feedback about the census, you can comment below or email us at groups@centreforeffectivealtruism.org. Thank you!

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