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Hello, thanks for dropping a comment on something others would likely want to know more about!

To answer your questions:

  1. We chose Manifund primarily because:
    1. Manifund seems like the only way EA PH can accept donations via credit card/debit card (aside from Paypal, which likely has higher fees)
    2. Manifund has regrantors and other people that might be willing to donate to EA PH
  2. Considering your (probably) common sentiments, we’ve sourced other platforms people can use to send in their donations.
    1. Paypal: bonoanzian@gmail.com
    2. Wise: I’ve sent you a direct message for this as it contains sensitive information. I’d also note Wise only allows receiving payments up to $7,100 per month.

Hope these are more straightforward! Really appreciate your interest in helping out too. :)