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Why you should consider becoming a nondirected kidney donor

Since I was able to be productive right away on personal projects and errands, I didn't count this time in my estimate.

I used my time off to learn JavaScript well enough to eventually switch careers from Data Scientist to Frontend Developer, so it was a pretty fruitful period for me.

Why you should consider becoming a nondirected kidney donor

Thank you for your comment, Alexander!

  1. Made update about risk of kidney failure going up 1 percentage point
  2. I felt pretty much good to work the day I left the hospital 🤷‍♀️  maybe my job was uniquely unstrenuous and undemanding.  What would you estimate as the time allocated to donation? 
  3. My donation was nondirected but paired, so I will take all the credit for the counterfactual of making other people's chains longer lol
  4. Totally agree that an important part of impact is movement building.  We will hopefully have a kidney donor meetup at EAG DC where non-donors can come ask questions
Why You Should Earn to Give in Tulsa, OK, USA

This is awesome, Kevin!!  I haven't gotten to Norman yet, but I hope you enjoyed your time there and that you also like Austin!

Why You Should Earn to Give in Tulsa, OK, USA

Thanks for your thoughts, Dr. Wahl.   As alluded to in the post, biking is my form of transportation > 80%  of the time, and I wish I could single-handedly make the bike commute popular!!

Theoretically, Tulsa is quite bikable because it's not too hilly or climatically extreme.   Traffic is not a big issue, and major roads tend to be wide / multilane.  

I do tend to see more bike commuters when I'm downtown.  Less in Midtown (where I live) or Kendall-Whittier (another downtown-adjacent neighborhood).

I think the primary barrier is cultural.   Tulsa is very tied up with the oil & gas industry, so it's not in the best interest of the elites to push green forms of transportation or increase the accessibility of public transit.  Accordingly, I think a lot of people take pride in having a nice car. 

There's decent bike lane coverage.  I don't think they're used as often as they should be.  

Why You Should Earn to Give in Tulsa, OK, USA

Thanks for your thoughts, rodeo.   Anecdotally, VT discontinued their original program because of unpopularity with state residents.  It was funded with taxpayer money, therefore locals were essentially defraying the moving costs for out-of-state folks.

I've updated the article to reflect the fact that Tulsa Remote is largely privately funded, with some funding from OK for certain individuals (i.e., tech workers).

The other programs I know of are WV and northwest AR.   I'm tempted to maybe try one of these programs in the future (if they're not turned off by the fact I've already done Tulsa Remote).  Both states are beautiful, but offer less in the way of career development and urban amenities compared to Tulsa.   

Ivy_Mazzola's Shortform

Ivy, I'm free today from 9:30 - 10am, 10:30-11am, 11:30-1pm (all times PT).  Unfortunately, I do have a handful of client calls I'll need to take in the inbetween times.  I did a full afternoon of calls yesterday, so I have some ideas about how to do them well.