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  • Experienced leader with 17 years of success in the international development and entrepreneurship sectors.
  • Advised various organizations including Food for the Hungry, UNWFP, UN Social 500, UNESCO, and World Education/Good Return on strategic planning, operations optimization, project efficiency and effectiveness, expansion, value creation, and capacity building.
  • Strong strategic planning, project management, operations, and partnership skills.
  • Extensive experience in project design, management, and evaluation; CR and sustainability management; and public policy.
  • Served the Asia-Pacific, MENA, and Europe region through 6 key duty stations: Bulgaria, Cambodia, India, Nepal, Thailand, and Tunisia.
  • My research interests are AI governance, sustainability management, and the futures of philanthropy.
  • Passionate about using my skills and experience to make a difference in the world.

How others can help me

I am looking for part-time/full-time jobs in the AI Governance Sector.

How I can help others

Reach out to me if you are hiring for (Interim) Directors/Project or Operations Manager/Adviser/Researcher/Consultant OR if  can assist you with:

  • AI Governance Projects/Research
  • Strategic planning
  • Project design, management, and evaluation
  • DEIB Strategy
  • Sustainability strategy and reporting


I am still curious what changes have been made or adopted ever since FTX crisis on good governance part within the EA community and EA affiliate organizations including how they:

  • hire staff/fellows
  • receive and use funds 
  • practice transparency and accountability
  • practice diversity and inclusion

Any links/reports of the new changes/policies ?

Hi friends, I am Olin, humanitarian & development professional currently based in Phnom Penh , Cambodia.