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We’re discontinuing the standout charity designation

The main issue I find with this is that those "standout" charities should be treated as possible future top charities, and not publishing an equivalent list might make it harder for them to become so.

Canva CEO commits at least $6 billion “to do the most good”

I think the best way for this kind of thing would be if some important donor (who they may know personally already) invites them directly to talk to GiveWell, for example, rather than us trying to sell the idea. Personal connections are the best way I can think of. And then books, some events... all help a bit, but I'd start with who they know.

How to get more academics enthusiastic about doing AI Safety research?

I think you can still publish in conferences, and I have seen that at least AAAI has the topic of safety and trustworthiness between their areas of interest. I would say then that this is not the main issue?

Creating a good journal seems like a good thing to do, but I think it addresses a bit different problem, "how to align researchers incentive with publishing quality results", not necessarily getting them excited about AIS.

How to get more academics enthusiastic about doing AI Safety research?

I agree that the creation of incentives is a good framing for the problem. I wanted to notice some things though:

  • Academics often have much more freedom to research what they want, and most incentives are number of publications or citations. Since you can publish AIS papers in standard top conferences, I do not see a big problem, although I might be wrong, of course.
  • Changing the incentives is either more difficult (changing protocols at universities or government bodies?) or just giving money, which the community seems to be doing already. That's what makes me think that the academic interest is more of a bottleneck, but I am not superinformed.
What EA projects could grow to become megaprojects, eventually spending $100m per year?

What about creating academic institutes in reputable universities to tackle important problems, eg similar to FHI or CSER, creating research prizes, and sponsoring conferences. I'm mostly thinking about AI Safety, but it may be useful in other areas too.

Long-Term Future Fund: Ask Us Anything!

Hey Asya! I've seen that you've received a comment prize on this. Congratulations! I have found it interesting. I was wondering: you give these two reasons for rejecting a funding application

  • Project would be good if executed exceptionally well, but applicant doesn't have a track record in this area, and there are no references that I trust to be calibrated to vouch for their ability.
  • Applicant wants to do research on some topic, but their previous research on similar topics doesn't seem very good.

My question is: what method would you use to evaluate the track record of someone who has not done a Ph.D. in AI Safety, but rather on something like Physics (my case :) )? Do you expect the applicant to have some track record in AI Safety research? I do not plan on applying for funding on the short term, but I think I would find some intuition on this valuable. I also ask because I find it hard to calibrate myself on the quality of my own research.

What are you grateful for?

I am grateful for people like Jaime Sevilla who always have time to listen and give advice and help others in the community.

Estimation of probabilities to get tenure track in academia: baseline and publications during the PhD.

I just posted another article I found on average publication rates in Norway for different positions, ages, fields and gender.

Estimation of probabilities to get tenure track in academia: baseline and publications during the PhD.

I would say you basically cannot get tenure if you don't get a PhD, so dropouts are not taken into account in any of the previous statistics as far as I understood them. All this metrics are of the kind of: x% of PhD alumni got tenure, or similar.

I actually agree that taking into account the private sector could help, but I am much less certain about the freedom they give you to research those topics, beyond the usual suspects. That was why I was focussing on academia.

EA Uni Group Forecasting Tournament!

I'd like to know if we could inscribe a bit latter than the 12th of October. In Madrid we are opening an university group but it is not set up yet.

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