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Comments A Website for Aggregating and Visualising EA Data

Awesome work!  I remember when Ivan mentioned your project to me.  Really cool to see it come to fruition.  I like the idea of a central data repository and would benefit from it. I think that having an accompanying visualisation like this could add value to the annual EA survey data. 

I also think that creating data visualisations could also help to increase the dissemination and impact of EA research.  I'd like to see more work there too.

[Offering feedback for why this was downvoted. Note that I didn't downvote you although I did have a somewhat neutral/negative experience when reading your post] 

This seems like a well-intentioned but poorly executed post. It sounds like an advertisement for a very niche opportunity.  You don't explain the opportunity very clearly and the post doesn't flow very well. 

I have posted similar things in the past and they were relatively poorly received. I think that forum readers want generally want something that is either insightful/helpful and/or of general interest. 

In future, you might want to consider asking for feedback on a draft to check the reading experience.

I hope this helps - I know it is annoying when you get downvotes without feedback. Thank you for taking the time to share this regardless :)

Who do intellectual prizewinners follow on Twitter?

Thanks for this this, it is useful information. 

30% of IPWs follow at least one EA-adjacent influencer.

This is more than I would have expected so I am quite pleased!

Lessons from Running Stanford EA and SERI

Great work Kuhan, both overall and with this post!  Thank you for taking the time to do it.

A spreadsheet with titles and links for over 1900 YouTube EA videos

Thanks Chana - I had a look but I think that the videos on this channel are a bit too technical and diverse for me to add to the spreadsheet. 

[PR FAQ] Adding profile pictures to the Forum

I am weakly in favour. In short: I agree with the downsides raised. However, I think (partly from my research about website design) that pictures of people usually lead to audiences feeling a better connection and more willingness to collaborate. I think that that that benefit would outweigh the downsides. 

I can't imagine any social networking service working well without profile pictures. I think the forum is in part a social networking service to connect EAs around similar ideas with the hope that they communicate and work together.

[PR FAQ] Sharing readership data with Forum authors

Same. Useful also from an org impact perspective. E.g., over x people have viewed our posts (might be combined with website views etc)

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