Behaviour change researcher at BehaviourWorks Australia in Monash University and part of the team at the Rapid Effective Action Development Initiative (

Failed as an entrepreneur but learned while doing. Might try it again but only if I fix my various health issues and improve my focus. It was rough!

Former EA movement builder for i) UNSW, Sydney, Australia, ii) Sydney, Australia and iii) Ireland, groups, and still a little involved in all to ensure that they continue.

Did the marketing for the EAGx Australia 2019 conference.

Currently considering a 'pitstop' and a subsequent pivot into doing more coaching, EA organisation/ conference/ community marketing and growth work rather than focusing on academia.

You can get more of the details of what I do and have done on my Linkedin (

Please feel comfortable reaching out if you would like to connect or think I can help you with something. I don't take myself too seriously and like to help people. I am very busy though and often a bit overwhelmed so there might be a delay in response!

Things that I might be useful for:

Building a social media profile on Linkedin

Helping you get social science research experience

Collaboration on research projects that aim to produce academic outputs (this is probably where I/READI have a comparative advantage)

Mental health struggles/trying to keep feeling good to do good

Setting up/running EA groups

Changing behaviour/marketing/growth ideas

Working with government/policymakers

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Announcing my retirement

Thanks for all the hard work Aaron, you did a great job!  I am also excited to see hear about your new position and look forward to seeing the work you produce :)

We’re Rethink Priorities. Ask us anything!

Thanks, that's exciting to hear! 

For funded work, I wanted to know how much funding you expect to receive to do work for stakeholders.  

We’re Rethink Priorities. Ask us anything!

Are there any ways that the EA community can help RP that we might not be aware of? Or any that we do already that you would like more of?  

We’re Rethink Priorities. Ask us anything!

Assume you had uncapped funding to hire staff at RP from now on. In such a scenario, how many more staff would you expect RP to have in 5 years from now? How much more funding would you expect to attract? Would you sustain your level of impact per dollar? 

For instance, is it the case that you think that RP could be 2x as large in five years and do 3x as much funded work at a 1.5x current impact per dollar? Or a very different trajectory?

I ask as an attempt to gauge your perception of the potential growth of RP and this sector of EA more generally.  

We’re Rethink Priorities. Ask us anything!

Are there any skills and/or content expertise that you expect to particularly want from future hires? Put differently, is there anything that you think aspiring hires might want to start working on to be better suited to join/support RP over the next few years?

We’re Rethink Priorities. Ask us anything!

What percentage of your work/funding comes from non-EA aligned sources? 

New Effective Thesis services and opportunities to get involved

(on phone)

Thanks for this, really excited to see you expand! I particularly really like the new award. I think that recognition can be particularly useful for students seeking jobs or PhD positions, so it could help good students get better positions.

I'd personally like to see all good work get recognition, so I'd probably favour a plan to award everything that meets a sufficiently high standard, as opposed to just rewarding the best work.

With that said, you might well have a good reason to act differently.

Rethink Priorities - 2021 Impact and 2022 Strategy

Thanks for writing this up. Really impressive!

EA Updates for November 2021

Thanks for this David. I find all of these posts to be very helpful.

Could EA be ideas constrained?

(On phone, so will be very concise)

  1. I think so. However, it remains to be seen if it is a significant or useful enough constraint to justify attention over others.
  2. Maybe. Hard to know if it is that or a coordination constraint though. I think that the more significant issue is that many of our good ideas never encounter a critical mass of supporting resources to bring them to fruition. There are definitely many coincidence of wants related problems, where someone has a good idea that someone would do or fund but that person never hears of it.
  3. A better pipeline for idea generation and implementation. Incentives to share, curate prioritise and implement ideas. I think that more open innovation competitions and idea incubators could be helpful.
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