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We recently released the December 2023 (#11) edition of the Effective Altruism Behavioral Science Newsletter. 

You can read the newsletter in your browser or below.  Previous editions:  123456789, 10.

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We are now preparing the March edition. Please suggest any relevant papers for inclusion as comments in this shared document.

The EA Behavioral Science Newsletter
December 2023 (#11)
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Are you planning to donate this year? If so, we recommend Giving Multiplier, an award-winning, research-backed, donation platform created by two psychology researchers at Harvard University: Joshua Greene and Lucius Caviola.
Giving Multiplier allows you to donate to both your favorite charity and an expert-recommended, highly effective charity. All donations are boosted with matching funds!

It's been featured in Vox, The Los Angeles Times, MarketWatch, Harvard Magazine, and podcasts such as The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos and Making Sense with Sam Harris.

For questions, please contact Matt Coleman, at matt@givingmultiplier.org.
PS. We have just completed our transition to join Habit Weekly, which is why you are getting this from eabsnl@habitweekly.com
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