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Canadian electrical engineer aiming to pursue E2G after a costly attempt at AI safety research


Fascinated with meditation practice & have attained a high level of non-dual awareness after practicing with the Waking Up app for several years. Happy to discuss spirituality, contemplative neuroscience, philosophy, and associated topics

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Interesting, I hadn't considered that. Sounds similar to the phenomenon of 'spiritual bypassing' among meditators where emotional/relational issues are ignored after achieving a certain level of awakening. Something to keep in mind

Glad you found the post useful!

Yes I've held back on contributing to the forum for much the same reason, and there's nothing wrong with living a quiet life and adding what you can to an important cause. Being either locally or posthumously famous is a more reasonable and attainable goal for most people anyhow :)

That's a common misconception, as autism can include hyper reactivity to sensory input overlapping with many of the symptoms described above but also hypo reactivity i.e. reduced reactivity to sensory input. I'm not an expert in ASD diagnosis but common features seem to include repetitive behaviours, social skills deficits, and unusually systematized thinking. Perhaps you can comment on your own experience or that of someone you know?

Heartening to see another runner fundraising for an effective charity, I've been doing it for several years (standard marathons for now, with the next being Boston) and it's consistently encouraging how people are willing to donate once you combine emotional appeal with information on how to do good better. Skin in the game via extreme masochism helps too :D

Best of luck in Missouri and Nevada!

Inspiring work, the prospect of enhanced g-IPT is especially encouraging as that could further boost cost-effectiveness for mental health interventions generally. Looking forward to the next update - mucho suerte!