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Paul Farmer (1959 – 2022)

Thank you for writing this. Learning about people like Farmer is hugely inspiring and the last two quotes you included made me surprisingly emotional. It really gives a sense for how deeply committed Farmer was to his work and makes me want to raise my own aspirations when it comes to improving the world.

EA directory of ideas

I've been starting to use Obsidian.md for knowledge management and am really interested in seeing how knowledge graphs (e.g. graph database platforms like Neo4j)  could be applied towards improving community coordination.

Seems like we may have similar interests! Just DM'd you.

Ideas for avoiding optimizing the wrong things day-to-day?

This is the first time I've heard of the Final Version Perfected (FVP). As a person who's struggled with confronting "tasks I really should do, but aren't absolutely necessary to do" in a large list of other seemingly more pressing tasks, this could prove very useful. Thank you for mentioning it!

In the past, I've put my tasks in a spreadsheet and rated them by "urgency" and "importance," which were multiplied to give a "priority score." While this was useful early on, I found that classifying each task in this way resulted in a lot of decision fatigue and was ultimately unsustainable. YMMV.

[Talk Tuesdays] Learn how to make better decisions / Spencer Greenberg

Sure thing, Alex! We host these discussion groups like this every three weeks. If you have any ideas for a future discussion, feel free to let us know here: https://forms.gle/AcpD58kTbuwih9cYA

Looking forward to some productive conversation! :)

For other ways to stay in the loop, check out our Linktree.

A Few Strategies for Increasing Productivity

Hey Sarah,

I really love the advice you've given here.

I frequently find myself getting enticed by the latest productivity tool or project management app and your simple  but effective method of managing projects in a Google Doc outline is a nice reminder that the best tool is often the simplest one that works.

Clement Kao, an EA-aligned product manager, has some additional thoughts on effective 1-on-1s here

Also, big fan of deliberate check-ins with romantic partners and have found framework outlined here to be especially useful.

Have your community notified of new EA Jobs

Hi Hazelfire,

Thanks for taking the time to set this up. As a developer and community organizer, this seems like a great project to help out with.  I'll message you on the EA Public Interest Technologist Slack!

Ambitious Altruistic Software Engineering Efforts: Opportunities and Benefits

I think it would be cool for someone to create an "engineering agenda" that entrepreneurial software developers could take ideas from and start working on, analogous to e.g. this post from Michael.

As an early career software developer who'd love to take on an EA-related project for skill building purposes, I'd be great to have  a resource like this available.

Annual Reviews Aren't Just for Organizations

Hey Kyle,

Great post and glad you found Alex's framework useful! I used Alex's guide as part of my annual review process last year and found many of the ideas helpful for clarifying my values, coming to terms with my shortcomings, and setting my intentions for the upcoming year.

Unfortunately, I often struggled with keeping myself accountable and love the idea of finding an accountability partner to go through the review process with.

Having gone through this exercise, it’s now crazy to me that it isn't more commonly used. As someone looking to optimize my impact—and other areas of my life—over a period of many years, the annual review seems like an indispensable tool.

Agreed! As part of EA Philadelphia, I was planning to run a virtual workshop based on Alex's guide in mid-January. If you have any additional resources on this topic, I'd love if you could send them my way.

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