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For those who prefer markdown, Docusaurus is another great option.

EA 101 questions

Hi Ben, I'm not clear what this refers to. Could this be clarified in the post?

I'm a little confused on why this post was downvoted. It seems like the author has already done some limited research on this topic and presented a helpful summary of the findings.

I'd also be curious to hear if any non-university groups have done street outreach (e.g. public tablings) before. We at EA Philadelphia have considered this in the past, but given our limited organizer bandwidth, are hesitant to allocate resources towards this kind of outreach.

Hi Emrik,

My apologies. It appears the Zoom link was not copied over from our other events! We'll be sure to double check this for any future online happenings.

Thanks for flagging.

Thank you for writing this. Learning about people like Farmer is hugely inspiring and the last two quotes you included made me surprisingly emotional. It really gives a sense for how deeply committed Farmer was to his work and makes me want to raise my own aspirations when it comes to improving the world.

I've been starting to use Obsidian.md for knowledge management and am really interested in seeing how knowledge graphs (e.g. graph database platforms like Neo4j)  could be applied towards improving community coordination.

Seems like we may have similar interests! Just DM'd you.

This is the first time I've heard of the Final Version Perfected (FVP). As a person who's struggled with confronting "tasks I really should do, but aren't absolutely necessary to do" in a large list of other seemingly more pressing tasks, this could prove very useful. Thank you for mentioning it!

In the past, I've put my tasks in a spreadsheet and rated them by "urgency" and "importance," which were multiplied to give a "priority score." While this was useful early on, I found that classifying each task in this way resulted in a lot of decision fatigue and was ultimately unsustainable. YMMV.

Sure thing, Alex! We host these discussion groups like this every three weeks. If you have any ideas for a future discussion, feel free to let us know here: https://forms.gle/AcpD58kTbuwih9cYA

Looking forward to some productive conversation! :)

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