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Hi EAlly,

It seems like there are numerous questions to unpack here. If I'm understanding you correctly, it seems like you're generally curious about how others have sought to increase their impact through an EA lense, given a background in IT. Is that right?

If so, I think your questions might be better answered by searching for, reaching out to, and scheduling informational interviews with people working at the intersection of EA and IT. I previously came across a helpful framework for doing this sort of thing here: [Webinar] The 2-Hour Job Search - YouTube

From one generalist IT person to another, would it be helpful to hop on a call to discuss your uncertainties? https://calend.ly/quinnpmchugh/meet

While I may not have a lot to offer in terms of career guidance, I can certainly relate to your position. My background is in mechanical engineering, but I currently do a mix of IT, operations, project management, and software engineering work. Professionally, I am interested in moving into project management full-time, but am also very interested in leveraging my IT skills to improve the movement's overall coordination and intellectual diversity through projects like EA Explorer.

Hey @Alex Barnes,

As a follow up to this: the open-source community has since released Ferdium, a free desktop app that makes it much easier to view your services all in one place.

Based on this realization, am I right to assume you are no longer interested in coordinating this book club?

I came to the same realization after discussing it with a few members of our local group, but given my interests in animal advocacy, I think it'd be personally valuable for me to engage with.

Thank you for pointing this out Lorenzo - I've removed the link from my comment.

Thanks for setting this up @Kaleem! I hadn't heard of this book until a colleague of mine mentioned your post in our local group's (EA Philadelphia's) Discord.

Edit: Link to book PDF removed

This course seems valuable. Thanks for sharing!

I could see this being an inspiring resource for EAs who struggle with imposter syndrome (myself included), especially when paired with posts like seven ways to become unstoppable agentic.

Hi Nico,

You might also want to try the recently released Obsidian Canvas. I've found both Excalidraw and Canvas to be phenomenal (and free) diagramming tools.

I have a list of other diagramming tools on my public Zotero library here.

for me, I sometimes get disillusioned when reading the Forum, but in-person meetings or video calls make me feel SO MUCH better about our community

I can definitely relate to these feelings. Sometimes, I find the dichotomy between my face-to-face interactions and what I read here on the forum to be incredibly stark (and not in a good way). This is probably just due to the online disinhibition effect and thus I can't say for sure whether or not the difference in magnitude between online/in-person experiences is unique to EA community.

Some related posts:

Great thinking, @Alex Long. I think I would be much more likely (say, 5% -> 35%) to reference this Google Sheet if it was migrated to a Notion database (with mapping capabilities). Up to you, @Kat Woods.

You might also be able to convert the Google Sheet directly into a Google Map, but I suspect it'd be a bit more challenging to implement.

Hi Nathan,

I came across your post just now and wanted to say that I tend think this kind of digital infrastructure is highly important but either undervalued or underdiscussed when it comes to movement building. I hope to write about this more in the future.

I'm currently in the process of curating numerous RSS feeds from https://ea.news/ and other sources in my NewsBlur in an effort to be more deliberate about my "information diet" and am a bit disappointed by the availability and quality of the RSS feeds I've found.

I only found one organization, Gain Health, that provides a dedicated page for the RSS feeds they have available:  https://www.gainhealth.org/rss

For the vast majority, RSS Hub Radar was required to scrape RSS feeds from the website source with mixed results.

My hope is that other organizations in the EA ecosystem provide better ways of making their reports, publications, and blogs posts available to external stakeholders in a way that doesn't require those stakeholders to comb through countless newsletters and email lists. Due to their interoperability, publishing a greater variety of RSS feeds and collections of different RSS feeds could satisfy this need, but I'd be curious to hear others' perspectives.

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