Ram Aditya

5G Networks Software Engineer
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Software Engineer working on 5G networks and a bit of machine learning, hoping to switch to something more EA aligned. Currently overwhelmed by numerous moral and epistemic uncertainties but trying to sift through it slowly and critically. 

Currently learning about/doing :

  • Person affecting views and its consequences on my confidence about Longtermism.
  • Suffering focused ethics which intuitively appeals a lot to me, but seems to have weak support from the larger EA community.
  • Economics from 'The Principles of Economics' by Gregory Mankiw.
  • Whether specializing EA orgs for the Indian context is worth it.
  • Reinforcement Learning specialization.

My short EA journey so far:

  • EA Introductory Fellowship.
  • The In-Depth Fellowship.
  • AI safety governance course by BlueDot
  • S-risk Intro Fellowship (in progress)
  • Currently doing the 8-week career planning course by 80,000 Hours (for over 6 months now :/).
  • EA advocacy in personal circles.
  • Trying to start a local chapter at my alma mater.


I'm still on the fence about going all in with longtermist cause areas. Therefore, I usually divide my donations between Animal Welfare (Animal Charity Evaluators Fund), GWWC Top Charities Fund and The Long Term Future Fund (pandemic risk and AI safety mainly).

Although not relevant to the question, a really useful tip is to donate via your friends' employers (such as Google and Microsoft) who may match the employee's contribution.

I think 'How Democracies Die' is a pretty acclaimed book that seems relevant.