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First off, I appreciate the reply. Hmmm. This is true though - no one simply knows what death is or feels like. It's even more grating because no one can tell us what it is or feels like.

The philosopher Raymond Smullyan liked to think of life as something of an umbrella of realities, akin to a video game with several levels. He thought hallucination was one level and dreams were another and perhaps death was yet another as well. It's certainly an intriguing way to look at it.

I do think though that one of the few reasons people still cling to religion is because it transforms or attempts to transform death from something to fear into something to await. Whether EA can or should try to do the same is an interesting question that I cannot answer.

I do know that in the absence of that, we've seen all sort of really weird movements crop up and a naked, visceral fear of death has risen to prominence in the form of cryogenics. Perhaps, we have more than one life. But at the very least, it seems spending most of it in fervent attempts to extend it is rather ironic.

Hello. Would length be an issue. For instance, would a highly focused criticism of say 7 to ten thousand words count.