Devin Lam

Student @ Macquarie University
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Currently studying B Psychology/B Laws at Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia). Looking to become a psychologist in the future, with an interest in policy. Happy to be part of a community of people to do some good.

Secretary for Effective Altruism Macquarie University, part of University Group Accelerator Program.

There’s a number of areas that I’m interested in. My current thoughts on what I could work on in the future include (institutional and individual) decision making, malevolent people, governance. I also have some work experience with events and administration. My other cause area interests include technology, mental health, diversity and inclusion, priorities, global coordination and development.

Service Connect Assistant and Student Representative for Academic Standards and Quality Committee at Macquarie University. Volunteering at headspace, UN Youth Australia (NSW), St John Ambulance NSW. Involved with BEING NSW committees.

How others can help me

Any support for EA MQ events/ideas are appreciated. Interested in learning more, particularly about philosophy and decision making. General curiosity in sociology, international relations. Always interested in making more connections and friends in EA!

How I can help others

Discuss and collaborate on ideas for EA university groups. Provide volunteer work for current or emerging projects that could be of any relevance to me/my background


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Devin Lam

I liked this as a clear and concise breakdown of an interesting and relevant topic that I had heard of, but not known about.

This was actually helpful, because the visual representation I had before of an 'overhang' was of a cliff overhang (which I think has more of the 'absolute', static, fixed feel to it). This visual representation of the two sides centred around a middle point made it more clearly dynamic in my mind.

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