Rick Holland

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Hi, I'm Rick Holland, founder and director of Confident Philanthropy, a London-based international consultancy aiming to change the way we think about giving and connecting.

Beginning my career in America, I've worked with global risk, human and animal rights orgs (ALLFED, Sinergia Animal, and GFI, for example) and others in the USA, the UK and beyond: developing, implementing, and evaluating strategies to build impactful relationships with key supporters.

I was awarded a CFRE credential in 2005, and I've bloviated in Third Sector, the Morning Call and Medium among other publications, as well as appearing on TV and radio, including KOAT, KOB, Anglia TV, and BBC Radio.

In addition, I have presented at international symposia discussing my two great passions: raising the bar for supporter connection, and the Beatles. Oh yeah, I'm vegan too.

[And although it appears like I'm a complete newbie, I've participated in EA Global and London events since about 2019, and I'd love to learn about what you're working on and how you focus your support.]


I am grateful for reminders like Geoffrey's, and the knowledge that this community is big enough to overcome these recent challenges, and smart enough to continue to pursue solutions to global issues.

Hi Greg, while I haven't used this for a charity (only for a limited company) it looks like Starling offers a multi-signatory option.