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EA and tackling racism

Something which might be a useful contribution from someone familiar with the topic would be to write about it in EA-friendly terms. Practical every day issues don't have to be expressed in "poorly formed arguments". If the material could be expressed in well formed arguments (or in arguments which the EA community can recognise as well formed), I think it would gain a lot more traction in the community.

Long-Term Future Fund AMA

I apologise that these questions are late, but hope based on edit 2 above that they can sneak in under the wire. I have three questions.

1. I believe that EA funds has been running for a while now, and that the activities and donations of the Giving What We Can Trust were transferred to EA Funds on or around 20 June 2017. I note that the combined total of grants to date and fund balance for the LTFF is around $1.18m. That doesn't seem like much money. What do you anticipate annual donations being over the next few years?

2. The fund has 5 managers and 2 advisers. If the managers spend 150 hours a year each on average (consistent with Habryka's response below), that will be 750 person-hours per year. Valuing their time at $300/hour suggests the cost of running LTFF might be $225k pa, which might be a quarter of the amount being granted. How is this being funded? Are the fund managers being paid and if so by whom? If they're donating their time, are they happy that this is a better use of their time than ETG?

3. Why did LTFF make no grants between March 2017 and July 2018?