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EA Librarian: CEA wants to help answer your EA questions!

This sounds like a really useful thing to make!

Do you think there would be value in using the latest language models to do semantic search over this set of (F)AQs, so people can easily see if a question similar to theirs has already been answered? I ask because I'm thinking of doing this for AI Safety questions, in which case it probably wouldn't be far out of my way to do it for librarian questions as well.

Why fun writing can save lives: the case for it being high impact to make EA writing entertaining

I see several comments here expressing an idea like "Perhaps engaging writing is better, but is it worth the extra effort?", and I just don't think that that trade-off is actually real for most people. I think a more conversational and engaging style is quicker and easier to write than the slightly more formal and serious tone which is now the norm. Really good, polished, highly engaging writing may be more work, but on the margin I think there's a direction we can move that is downhill from here on both effort and boringness.

The Survival and Flourishing Fund grant applications open until August 23rd ($8m-$12m planned for dispersal)

The S-Process is fascinating to me! Do you know of any proper write-ups of how it works? I'm especially interested in code or pseudocode, as I might want to try applying something similar to one of my projects

Listen to more EA content with The Nonlinear Library

Exciting! But where's the podcast's URL? All I can find is a Spotify link.

Edit: I was able to track it down, here it is

The case against “EA cause areas”

A minor point, but I think this overestimates the extent to which a small number of people with an EA mindset can help in crowded cause areas that lack such people. Like, I don't think PETA's problem is that there's nobody there talking about impact and effectiveness. Or rather, that is their problem, but adding a few people to do that wouldn't help much, because they wouldn't be listened to. The existing internal political structures and discourse norms of these spaces aren't going to let these ideas gain traction, so while EAs in these areas might be able to be more individually effective than non-EAs, I think it's mostly going to be limited to projects they can do more or less on their own, without much support from the wider community of people working in the area.