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Thanks Emrik, I'll check some of these out.

I'm conscious of it being a mid sized corporate  - so I need to keep it pretty simple. I'm focusing on helping them improve their expected value calculations as they pursue new products and features. They call EV 'predicted ROI', which reminds me the importance of using their language and avoiding EA/philosophy language.

Next steps: I'll look for an academic partner to help create a robust study.

I'm Rob, new around here. 

I read Doing Good Better a few years ago, got interested in EA and started channeling >50% of my charity donations through EA. But wasn't very active in the EA community. This year I decided to take the EA online intro course. And with the course - plus all the reading and podcasts around it - I've been gravitationally sucked into the EA universe (in a good way).

My specific intention right now is to work on Improving Institutional Decision-Making as that is pretty close to what I do for living at the moment.

My background is in psychology (undergrad) & then marketing (17 years professional career) & now coaching leadership teams (inc. around their strategy and key decisions).

If anyone is based in Australia and especially Sydney, let me know - I have checked out EA Sydney on facebook and meetup and haven't seen many upcoming events.