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Our plans for hosting an EA wiki on the Forum

There is already a (clunky) feature that enables this.

If you hyperlink text with a tag url with the url parameter ?userTagName=true, the hyperlinked text will be replaced by whatever the current name of the tag is.

E.g. If the tag is called "Global dystopia" and I put in a post or other tag with the hyperlink url /global-distoptia?useTagName=true and then it gets renamed to "Dystopia":

  1. The old URL will still work
  2. The text "Global dystopia" will be replaced with the current name "Dystopia"


LessWrong/EA New Year's Ultra Party

Ah, sorry, we meant to fix that. Should have all been CET.

LessWrong/EA New Year's Ultra Party

Collaborative calendar/schedule for the event is now live!

Please add any events or activities you'd like to run. Comment here or in the doc if you have questions, e.g . about good places to host your session.

LessWrong/EA New Year's Ultra Party

Upvote suggestions from others if you like them too.

LessWrong/EA New Year's Ultra Party

The Ultra Party Radio (TM) has been constructed (bottom right of attached image). We'll be streaming tunes to the entire Garden from our own server, but the music will be optimized for the ballroom dancefloor.

What music would you like to hear? Please comment with:

  1. Genres
  2. Specific song requests
  3. Playlists you might like us to use or borrow from
LessWrong/EA New Year's Ultra Party

We've now got a rough map of the venue. 

LessWrong/EA New Year's Ultra Party

Some images of the party locations to pump the imagination:

Early testing of the ballroom
Here fishy, fishy
Meet new people in the Violet Study
LessWrong/EA New Year's Ultra Party

We've now designated many activities to many different regions of the Walled Garden. If you're interested in hosting or attending a specific activity, please comment. The organizers can help you set it up and put it on the Official Party Schedule.

The following are scheduling throughout the party, but it seems great to have more specific things scheduled for like-interested people to join.

Ballroom: dancing, toasts & roasts, countdown
Violet Study: meet new people
Moloch Maze: games, e.g., poker, Among Us
Great Library (1st floor): deep philosophical conversations
Orrery: make and discuss predictions for 2021
Map Room: reflect on where you've been and where you're going
Hell: complain about 2020

Ruby's Shortform

Just a thought: there's the common advice that fighting all out with the utmost desperation makes sense for very brief periods, a few weeks or months, but doing so for longer leads to burnout. So you get sayings like "it's a marathon, not a sprint." But I wonder if length of the "fight"/"war" isn't the only variable in sustainable effort. Other key ones might be the degree of ongoing feedback and certainty about the cause.

Though I expect a multiyear war which is an existential threat to your home and family to be extremely taxing, I imagine soldiers experiencing less burnout than people investing similar effort for a far-mode cause, let's say global warming which might be happening, but is slow and your contributions to preventing it unclear. (Actual soldiers may correct me on this, and I can believe war is very traumatizing, though I will still ask how much they believed in the war they were fighting.)

(Perhaps the relevant variables here are something like Hanson's Near vs Far mode thinking, where hard effort for far-mode thinking more readily leads to burnout than near-mode thinking even when sustained for long periods.)

Then of course there's generally EA and X-risk where burnout is common. Is this just because of the time scales involved, or is it because trying to work on x-risk is subject to so much uncertainty and paucity of feedback? Who knows if you're making a positive difference? Contrast with a Mario character toiling for years to rescue the princess he is certain is locked in a castle waiting. Fighting enemy after enemy, sleeping on cold stone night after night, eating scraps. I suspect Mario, with his certainty and much more concrete sense of progress, might be able expend much more effort and endure much more hardship for much longer than is sustainable in the EA/X-risk space.

Related: On Doing the Improbable

Suggestions for EA wedding vows?

Holly's answer reminded me of some of the passages we used in a 3rd anniversary mini-ceremony last year. The mini-ceremony had a couple of posts from the Sequences, one of which appear to be mostly an expansion of that point from Origin.

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