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Answer by akashNov 23, 202210

I aim to continue giving to the Fish Welfare Initiative (FWI)! Occasionally, I might give to the Shrimp Welfare project or the Animal Welfare Fund. My reasoning for doing so is as follows:

  1. The suffering of non-human animals is severely neglected. Within causes that help non-human animals, fish/shrimp/similar are further neglected. 
  2. It is easy to help a large number of non-human animals with comparatively small amounts of money.
  3. The Levels of Donation post — the amount I am currently donating doesn't warrant a thorough CBA.

I took the Try Giving Pledge a few months ago and plan to give somewhere between 2%-5% of my income this year! If you are a graduate candidate, an early career professional, or just generally new to giving, I recommend taking the pledge. I have been able to spend money on essentials, extras, and savings and still comfortably give $ to my favorite charities.

I randomly checked FWI's website before posting this, and it turns out they have a funding gap of $800K — consider giving here!