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Hi all, we just wanted to share this update to our plans: there's unfortunately no way we can make our initial plan happen in Rotterdam in the coming years.

In response to the housing crisis, the municipality introduced a whole set of regulations, making it basically impossible to buy a house/apartment to rent it out to more than 2 people. We unfortunately couldn't find any serious workarounds, even after talking to multiple real estate agents, so it seems like we have to leave it at this.

At the time of writing this we had not actually! But @Joris-P connected with them at EAG London.  
However, our case is not purely about the rent but also about the investment side of it and the returns that could be reaped. (See my reply to jgil above.)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! We had not considered an investor subsidising rent for a group of EAs as another alternative. The problem that might come up with this is that it's nearly impossible to find available housing for a group of EAs independently on a student budget, just in terms of available rooms in one house at the same time.