Sabin Subedi

President @ EA Kathmandu University
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I am currently co-organizing EA Kathmandu University in Nepal.

I am taking MSc in Applied Economics at the University of Strathclyde.

My MITx Micromasters Credential on Data, Economics and Development Policy has provided me with the necessary tools and knowledge on the current status of the developing world, current works being done to solve the problem of poverty, and guidance to move forward. I am currently involved in independent research work on the poverty sector. I am involved in the Unity for Sustainability group of Annpurna Media Group to promote green financing and sustainability and advise companies of Nepal to try out environment-friendly initiatives and evaluate the program.

How others can help me

I am looking for a part-time job in an EA-aligned organization, looking for ideas to better represent Asian and LMIC groups in the EA community. Currently working on how the eastern context differs from the western context and its impact on community building. Happy to collaborate in global health and development research. I am looking forward to building resources and adapting to the eastern context.

How I can help others

I had an amazing start to community building in my group. I can help new community builders with how to approach new groups.


EA Kathmandu University Progress and Plans


The speech truly was moving for me, and the way you presented being yourself was all the more amazing. The response from the audience really showed that as well. You really have motivated me to take such endeavors because I’m certain that I’ll get help and support from the community. Thanks Dion.

Hi Alejandro, some of the most amazing content for me, that also worked with my cohort regarding this topic are:

  1. (Noticing confusion by Arram Sabeti gives an amazing example)

  2. (Aarons Epistemic Stories gives a very relatable story)

  3. (Jess Whittlestone's talk on EA Global really is enriching about how, why and what)