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I'm a graduate of Kathmandu University, where I earned a B.A. in Economics. I currently am a Research Associate at South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics - SANDEE, ICIMOD. I am passionate about using economic theory and rigorous data analytic techniques to explore questions at the frontiers of applied economic research- particularly in developing countries and LMICs- and at the nexus of development, agricultural, and environmental economics. 


How others can help me

I look forward to any meaningful projects, volunteering, or any suggestions for high impact ways to spend my time/career with the skills I possess.

How I can help others

I am interested in philosophy, history, economics, innovation and almost anything—I'm always down for a good discussion. 


As an organizer of EA Kathmandu University,  I particularly found the insights on focusing on cities and attracting a talent pool, as well as the importance of finding early adopters, to be valuable takeaways. It's great to hear about the unique challenges and opportunities faced by our fellow EA groups in Asia, and I appreciate the emphasis on good over perfect, as there is no one-size-fits-all approach to building EA groups, and we need to be willing to learn and iterate as we go.