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I'm an animal scientist-turned-animal advocate, who specialised in farmed animal breeding, genetics(omics), and bioinformatics in my career (to date). I started learning about EA in 2020, and have since changed my world view on farmed animal agriculture. I want to use the knowledge I've built over the years in this domain for good, with specific interests in alternative proteins and farmed animal welfare policy reform. I have volunteered for Faunalytics, Animal Advocacy Careers, Tälist, and donate to EAA organisations. I've previously worked in the animal health and genetics space (most recently at Zoetis) in roles spanning from business development to senior scientist.

I love to read, run, boulder, and sing (really badly!) in my spare time.

How others can help me

Looking for opportunities to use my background in animal science and genetics / bioinformatics to do good for farmed animals.

How I can help others

How animal breeding and  genetics(omics) can positively impact the lives of farmed animals, animal genetics in general, farmed animal science, science communication, data crunching, report proofing, etc. Please check out my LinkedIn if you'd like to see where I could support you.


Thank you for writing this post, and sharing your resources Fai! Very interesting read. As an aside to your note #25 on examples of the start-up or incubators for factory farm AI, I've also come across Innovent Technology (pigs), and CattleEye (dairy cows). They have received funding from VC and/or Government to develop their technologies.

Do let me know if you'd like some input for your projects - I might be of use!

I like this line of thinking! I'll be entering civil service for my next career move, and being new to the EA community had got me thinking along these lines - I've been asking myself 'how can synergies be created at these intersections?'.