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Effective Altruism and Meaning in Life

Thank you for posting this, I really REALLY enjoyed it and it hits the nail on the head in terms of something I've been struggling with for a long time. What lies below is what troubles me the most, do you have any recommendations on how to go about finding/uncovering your voice? I previously optimised for learning/skills/money and found myself at a similar crossroads to you, now I'm laden with modern day responsibilities (wife and kid) but feel like I cannot risk their safety etc much to experiment with different jobs that I may find more fulfilling.

find our voice

How do you optimise career choice based entirely on personal fit?

perhaps the best higher level question in terms of resources is - where does one go for the best career advice?

How do you optimise career choice based entirely on personal fit?

apologies for being unclear. I guess the crux is, how do you figure out the best career for you based on personal fit alone? I'm considering switching careers, based on sunk costs, I would guess I'll need to stick within IT as not to lose too much ground in terms of my wage, but my aim is figuring out a number of potential career paths based on personal fit, then trying those to see which are viable?

Is that a little better? My personality is that I will always be working on something, therefore it makes sense to me to make that work as enjoyable as possible. Happy for that to be turned on its head though!