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How do you optimise career choice based entirely on personal fit?

by shicky44 1 min read31st Mar 20203 comments


So my career choice is partially influenced by money to donate and keep my living standard at a solid level. I'm a software engineer and despite early signs I didn't enjoy it much, I followed the Cal Newport, So Good They Cannot Ignore You path/logic.

Unfortunately not much has changed, I'm in industry more than 10years, have tried a few positions but have never really enjoyed work much. Right now I feel like I want freedom but I think that's influenced by a difficult child at home. In the past, I'm been acutely aware I like to solve problems, learn, gain skills. For example if I won the lottery and never had to worry about money, I can guarantee I'd be doing all sorts of random MOOCs I'm interested in.

I want to enjoy my work more and be more committed to it. I'm getting a bit worried about my lack of commitment to it, though I'm hoping this is partially influenced by lack of sleep!

Any recommendations would be much appreciated in terms of resources to explore

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