Currently Fellowship Director at the Reducetarian Foundation, previously at 80,000 Hours, BERI, Anima International, and Animal Charity Evaluators. Also an advisor on Rethink Priorities' insect welfare project, an advisor to the board at BERI, and a mentor for Magnify Mentoring and FAST.

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Announcing the Reducetarian Fellowship!

Thanks, PabloAMC! That's a good point—I forgot to introduce the organization and our mission! I'll make an edit to attempt to make that clearer :)

Announcing the Reducetarian Fellowship!

Thanks Edward!

Yep I agree with you about the university EA groups being an awesome place to recruit from! I've shared the opportunity with the larger EA NYC group and am in the process of reaching out to all the EA clubs I can find at universities in the area. (But if you have specific groups/organizers in mind please let me know so I can make sure they're on my list!)

Celebrating rejection

Always been a fan of your writing—so excited to finally see it here on the Forum!

Get In The Van

This is a really great post ; I sincerely hope that "GITV moment" makes it into the EA lexicon. Really useful concept in a compact package with a super fun story behind it. Thanks for taking the time to write this up!

A ranked list of all EA-relevant documentaries, movies, and TV series I've watched

Additional animal welfare/plant-based food-related documentaries: Dominion, Unlocking the Cage, The Ghosts in Our Machine, Blackfish, The Cove, Food Inc., Vegucated, Cowspiracy, Seaspiracy (coming out soon), What the Health, Live and Let Live.

Of those, I've only seen Unlocking the Cage and Cowspiracy (which were fine) and Blackfish (which was very emotional).

From the trailer, Dominion looks like the most intense from a purely animal welfare perspective, especially if you're limiting to docs that include some content on factory farming.