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Why I prefer "Effective Altruism" to "Global Priorities"

I am enjoying all this recent discussion on what we should be calling "effective altruism". 

As EA ideas become more common and get applied in a larger variety of contexts, it might be good to have different words that are context and audience specific.  For example, "global priorities" seems like a great name for the academic field, and it can be acknowledged that it is related to "effective altruism" the social movement which is, itself, clearly very distinct but still related to the LessWrong/Rationality community. Maybe policy orientated effective altruism needs its own name (clearly related to the academic field and social movement but distinct from it?). Similarly, maybe it is also okay for a broader appeal version of effective altruism to have a different name (this is maybe what the GWWC brand is moving towards?). 

The effective altruism project is pretty broad and even if a large amount more thought had been put into the name, it still seems unlikely to me that one name could appeal to policy-makers, academics, the broader population and students/ people on the internet that both like to deeply philosophise about morality and base their lives around the conclusions of that philosophising.