Is there a good place on this forum somewhere (I guess the shortform but it doesn't get many views)? 

A Facebook group (a friend suggested creating a Facebook group called "Butterfly Ideas" so if anyone has the energy to do this right now, I would join that group!)?

  Somewhere else where you can throw out an idea that you know is under-developed and get the pushback needed to develop it further? (a friend said Twitter can be quite good for this because there is less of an expectation for ideas to be polished)




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Twitter is great for this and there are lots of EA accounts to follow (feel free to follow me @eaheadlines and you'll quickly find more)

Seconding this. Spencer Greenberg's approach is to tweet, collect feedback, write a facebook post that incorporates the feedback, collect feedback and then turn it into a blog post.

Imo, I think we should post butterfly ideas publicly when we can (e.g. on the forum). I think people are way too eager to punish anything that looks like hubris to them, and normalising the idea of just laying out your models in plain view seems important.

Maybe preface butterfly posts with this: 🦋

agree with this. ea forum ideas shouldn't have to be polished. the more platforms we use, the less easy it is to find everything. 

What's a butterfly idea?

A butterfly idea is in early stages. It needs creative input, branching out in possibility space, and expansion. 

Versus most forum posts are here for critique, hardening and winnowing down.

Thanks, that was an interesting read.

My go-to place for doing this is just my own Facebook - but this relies of having the sort of friends who are willing to give you thoughtful feedback. I like the idea of a Butterfly Ideas group and might make it if I get a chance!