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Some potential lessons from Carrick’s Congressional bid

This is a great post that I think captures a lot about what happened here. Especially 5. I think to some extent  the super PAC donations backfired — after all, you're right that Carrick got terrible press from the gifts. The dominant storyline in local media about Flynn was about how much money he was getting from this crypto gazillionaire in The Bahamas. Not to say that it would have been better for him not to have had the money. But I wonder how this election would've been different if POF had spent only, say, $2m on his behalf.

FWIW,  we just published this on POF over here at Puck which may be of interest to the thread.

Choosing causes re Flynn for Oregon

Hey folks, good back and forth here. Just thought this story we just published on Protect Our Future and SBF might be interesting to the question about the value of a donation for Carrick and the cost-per-vote in this race. 

A new media outlet focused in part on philanthropy

Interesting! We did a fun "ranking" of billionaires' political influence but it was obviously very subjective. I'll add your idea to my list!

A new media outlet focused in part on philanthropy

Thanks, Jackson! I think the interview with me you shared helps — I am indeed EA-sympathetic, but yes, I see my primary "ideology" as pro-transparency above all else.

A new media outlet focused in part on philanthropy

Yeah, fair enough — should've said "in part" ... Puck does a lot of reporting, on everything from race to Ukraine to crypto ... was thinking primairly about my own coverage, but you're right.