Hey folks, Teddy Schleifer here from Puck. Longtime lurker, EA-sympathetic journalist who has written a lot about the EA donor world, especially as these folks get more involved in politics. I introduced myself here when Puck started out.

I just wanted to pop up to share a new story with a bunch of new details on how Sam's political, philanthropic and media work will be affected by what is happening at FTX. (Puck is a paywalled publication, but you can trade an email at that link to read it for free.) I know there's a lot of trepidation and concern in the EA community about what is next. If anyone would like to talk, always happy to do so with anonymity or off-record — feel free to reach out on Twitter DM.





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Anyone who wants to reach out: Remember CEA has advice on talking to journalists

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Your reminder is well taken, but I also note that this is a good journalist who has written high-quality articles about EA previously. His latest story about SBF struck me as pretty balanced and accurate. 

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I thought this was good, thanks for sharing it.

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