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“cocoons”: an idea to critique.

This is some very good feedback. I deeply appreciate it.

The idea is that cocoons enable unfettered improvisation. So you are correct that "we need to build these things in order to reenable improv." I need to do a better job connecting that idea to the rest of the contents.

“cocoons”: an idea to critique.

If any altruist wishes to donate a few moments and keystrokes to tell me why heavily downvoting this is warranted, it would probably produce a positive effect.

“cocoons”: an idea to critique.

Thanks for letting me know, Tristan. It was a Medium draft. Please try again.

Samo Burja on Effective Altruism

Thank you for having Samo on the podcast, Gus. I find him tremendously insightful, and I eagerly look forward to hearing what he has to say.