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Cofounder/co-organizer of EA UWaterloo, EA IBM, AI Safety Camp Toronto, EA Tianxia Mastermind Group, EA Principles Study Group, and the EA-related startup

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Congrats on the funding and the post! As another early adopter of the app and as someone who had some interaction with the founder, I also believe this project has great potential. 

Thanks very much Lukas for this message! We also do not know why there are downvotes for this post. 

If anyone who downvoted the post or has an idea why people downvoted, please comment below, or give us anonymous feedback at , or book me a call at

This is very important to us and we sincerely appreciate the feedback. 

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We are OpenPrinciples, an EA-aligned community and a crowdsourced wiki for collecting life principles. The situation in Ukraine and the world's reaction to it might be telling us that we need good principles more than ever before. So for this Saturday, we are organizing a group discussion session for Ukraine Situation Related Life Principles.

If you like to come, please prepare 1 of your question/challenge and 1 of your life principle related to the Ukraine situation. Here are some example questions:

- How to take action rationally for what you believe
- How to maintain your mental health when you are worried for the world
- How to control your emotion when going through guilt / social pressure
- How to realize one's political bias

If you are interested, please join us at:

For this Saturday March 12th, 4-5pm GMT, or 11pm-12pm EST, or 8~9am PST

I am Yonatan's mentee. I am co-founder of EA IBM, EA Uwaterloo, and EA related-startup OpenPrinciples. Yonatan has been given me some critical guidance in building my startup and in transitioning my job from a Data Scientist/Developer to Product Manager/Product Owner.

  1. How is Yonatan helpful or not helpful?
    1. Helpful because Yonatan is good at diving deep and know how deep a career problem topic can go
    2. Yonatan is good at taking a question and converting it into a fun challenge to enough the mentee (me) to think by himself
    3. Yonatan is good at accurately finding and questioning my assumptions
    4. Yonatan never enforce an idea or advice
  2. where did I change my mind or change my plan (with my job / with my startup)
    1. Helped me to break my assumption of “I cannot be a good PM/PO if I not a good dev first”, my previous plan was to continue to be a dev for 2~4 more years before moving to PM/PO, even though I think I am more talented/interested in PM/PO.
    2. Helped me to pick my best focus/north-star/weekly-metics moving forward in building my startup — count how many active users do I have this week -- which could have saved us months of time
    3. By asking me a lot of challenging questions, Yonatan squished out all of my creativity in brainstorming my actions to improve our weekly-metics
  3. Other people who are considering talking to Yonatan - and are in a similar situation to me - help you decide if you should contact Yonatan
    1. If you need to make up your mind between different options in a tough career decision, Yonatan is very good at helping you see a clear picture, just like what he did with me.
    2. If you are not sure you are prioritizing your focus correctly, Yonatan is great at helping you pick them by helping you find great north-star metrics, just like what he did with me.
    3. If you have a clear career goal but do not know how to get there, Yonatan is great at helping ask you hard questions to ”squish out all of your creativity” to come up with a plan, just like what he did with me.

Thanks, for the feedback Aaron, changing the name now!

Thanks for organizing this! I am working on a time sensitive project. Is it possible to let me know a rough time about when will the next round of EA Grant Application is?